St Nicholas Primary pupils create floral art tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

A tribute from youngsters at St Nicholas-at-Wade primary

Children at St Nicholas at Wade Church of England Primary decorated the school gates to say it with flowers as a mark of respect for the Queen.

Girls and boys from each age group created their own distinctive floral artwork tribute of Her Majesty’s favourite flower, the Lily of the Valley.

Their colourful and poignant drawings adorned the school’s distinctive main entrance and perimeter fencing, drawing admiring comment from families, visitors and passers-by.

Head Teacher Taralee Kennedy explained: “We discussed the Queen’s remarkable life during our collective worship and in class, and gave thanks for her remarkable service and duty to the country and its people, to the Commonwealth and worldwide.

“The children were amazed by the masses of flowers laid in her memory in London, Scotland and around the UK and beyond. We thought we would give them an opportunity to give floral tributes in their own way.

“Each year group came up with a unique way of drawing, painting or using pastels to draw the Queen’s favourite flower – the Lily of the Valley. Some chose to write messages of love and thanks on the back.

“Our girls and boys also created little wreaths bearing the Queen’s face and these were hung on the trees that border our school site.

“Schools have an important role to play in ensuring that children are presented with news in a sensitive and reassuring way – this activity allowed the children to play a part in the nation’s goodbye to the Queen.

“It will leave a memory that they will look back on in years to come and they will know that they were involved in this historic moment.”