New date confirmed for 20’s Plenty meeting for Ramsgate

Speed limits

A ‘20’s Plenty’ meeting in Ramsgate  will be held in November following a postponement of the original date due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

A new date has now been arranged for Wednesday, November 9, at the Comfort Inn, Victoria Parade, Ramsgate from 7pm – 8.30pm.

Organiser Cllr Karen Constantine said: “It was unfortunate that we had to postpone the planned meeting, but it was right to do so. I have been heartened by the amount of public interest that there is in the idea of a 20mph zone to cover part of Ramsgate to improve road safety.

“If we could combine this with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) I think we’d start to see dramatic improvements.”

The meeting was arranged in the aftermath of the tragic deaths of Yoram Hirshfeld, 78, and his daughter Noga Sella, 40, and the serious injury of Noga’s young daughter after being hit by a motorist in Leopold Street in August.

Following consultation which ended earlier this month a traffic order has now been made changing 10 Ramsgate roads to 20mph zones.

The roads covered by the new speed limit:


HARBOUR PARADE – From its junction with Military Road to its junction with Marine Esplanade.

HIGH STREET – From its junction with Harbour Street to its junction with Hardres Street.

KING STREET – From its junction with High Street to its junction with Broad Street.

MADERIA WALK – From its junction with Harbour Parade to its junction with Albion Place.

QUEEN STREET – From its junction with High Street to its junction with Leopold Street.

ROYAL PARADE – From its junction with Harbour Parade for a distance of 33 metres in a westerly direction.

A petition is also running by Ramsgate resident Emma Lloyd asking for the 20mph limit to be made throughout the town centre.

 Find the petition here

All are welcome to attend the meeting in November.


  1. The proposed 20mph limits apply to what is basically the town’s pedestrian zone.
    There shouldn’t be any cars at all between 10:00 and 17:00, and at other times it’s still a pedestrian zone. I should think 10mph would be enough.

  2. Not one area near a school where it is needed, all town areas some roads are like road tracks try and drive round the whole of Ramsgate get a feel for more of the area.

    • Ricky

      You dont need a 20mph zone near a school. Schools gridlocked thanet in the morning and afternoon, you will lucky to be moving.

      • “Schools gridlocked thanet in the morning and afternoon, you will lucky to be moving.”

        It takes me less than 20 mins to go from one side of Thanet to the other, passed four schools at 330pm. Don’t forget, whilst you’re complaining about traffic…YOU ARE THE TRAFFIC TOO.

  3. Every single road should be limited to 30mph!
    Bring in cameras, speed bumps that they cant straddle, harsher penalties plus more one way streets.

    Have bollards in the town to stop traffic going through at certain times also!

    Sick to death of the entitled drivers taking liberties.

    • Fifty

      I agree with your point about the driving standards but road calming has to be balanced. If every road had speed bumps and other calming devices, it would take an age for emergency services to get anywhere and could cost lives.

  4. Could you pls consider a real live active spead camera along st Augustines Rd Ramsgate, they’d make a fortune, its a race track .

  5. People who don’t stick to the 30mph speed limit aren’t going to stick to the 20mph speed limit. This is a waste of time and money.

    Why not use the money being wasted on this initiative to employ a police officer with a speed gun and enforce the existing speed limit?

    • Most people do conform to speed limits.
      A couple of signs costs far, far less employing a policeman full time.
      And if it really is the case that motorists won’t obey speed limits, just keep the gates at the end of Harbour street permanently closed.

    • Its been proved Obvious, that reducing speed limits to 20 mph, does work, and accidents are severely reduced! I would like to see 20’s Plenty to include ALL of Thanet, especially Margate Road!

      • “I would like to see 20’s Plenty to include ALL of Thanet, especially Margate Road!”

        would you also like to breathe in more COPD inducing particulate matter from exhausts, due to the cars being in a higher gear, pushing higher revs and thus more emissions?

  6. We need speed cameras on st Lawrence high street at the crossing near dominoes bikes and car tear up and down this stretch of road one day someone is gonna get hit

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