Appeal for witnesses after bus driver and woman assaulted in Ramsgate

Ramsgate railway station

British Transport Police is appealing for witnesses after a replacement bus driver and a woman were assaulted at Ramsgate railway station.

A man assaulted the bus driver after he was told he could not board with his bicycle. He went on to assault a woman at the bus stop, then attacked the bus driver again when he tried to intervene.

The incident happened on Tuesday 23 August at approximately 11.30pm.

Officers would like to speak to anyone who witnessed the attack, especially several people who came to the aid of the victims and helped stop the attack.

They particularly would like to speak to a woman dressed in blue who helped.

Anyone with information can contact BTP by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40 and quoting reference number 746 of 23/08/22.

Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


      • So if was a train replacement bus why arent the buses delivering the same service as the trains ?

        The person might have bought a ticket in good faith with the train company that allows him to take his bike with him. Than you get to the station to fine the train is cancelled and the replacement bus wont allow you to take your bike on board.

        If that is the case I would be angry as well.

        I dont agree with the violence.

        • I agree , the man was allowed and maybe paid to take his bike on a train then told to get on it.
          Violence is not the answer , if it had been me I would have ordered a taxi with a roof rack or a small van and sent the bill to Southern rail.

          There is something in the small print , unsure what but think it may be breach of contract , this is if the man paid extra for the bike, if it was free then he is stuffed.

          • Bikes are carried free.
            It is a bit of a poor deal, really, but I don’t see a way around it. There’s plenty of space in a railway carriage to safely accommodate a bike, but there isn’t on a bus.
            I believe that if you check your journey before hand, and it says about a rail replacement bus service, it will also warn you about not being able to accommodate bikes.

  1. There is no ‘fear’ of the police or courts anymore.

    Everyone knows the PCSO have zero powers. I have seen people tell PCSO to f-off and walk away laughing. It isnt worth the time and money to deal with them.

    This country has a huge problem now with crime. Liverpool police are offering 200k to find the gunman that killed the little 6 year old girl. Yet even that isnt getting the scousers to talk.

    Slow but surely the gangs are beginning to take over certain areas liverpool being a prime example. Even their ex mayor is being investigated for some dodge dealings. But this will work it’s way down to smaller towns.

    Back to thanet

    With the divided between the haves and have nots things will get worse, yesterdays budget will only make the rich richer.
    When you get to the point that you cant afford to heat your home or fed your family what have you got to lose ?

    Thanet is becoming a divided society, most funding or Grant’s go to the art sector. When we did more support for people who need help. This includes working people on low wages.

    House and rental prices going up, theres lots of money in thanet just look at the amount of personalised or pvt number plates and top end cars.

    If you get banged up you get 3 meals aday and a warm cell. More than you get being a law abiding citizen.

    I am not saying it’s right to break the law its not. But when you have nothing and society is ignoring you, what’s to lose ?

    Lots of people like to put their head in the sand and ignore what’s going on , hence thanet being a shining light of a Tory government.

    Yet as sure as eggs are eggs after the next election that will still be a tory stronghold.

  2. Totally agree with Costaload but beating the crap out of ordinairy people is never the answer.No matter how poor you are.
    Boris Johnson can boast that the UK has 165 Unicorns(more than France and Germany combined) but he doesn’t tell you we have 6million people more than France living at poverty level.

  3. Incident happend 23rd August it’s now the 24th September took there time in releasing this for help from the public haven’t they 🙄🙄 Thanet has gone to pot

  4. Costaload: Arts get grant money because art projects apply to arts grants. Why bashing them? Why not complaining about the limited range of grants made available?
    Realworld: and yet, £320m brought in and 9000 people employed by the tourism and hospitality. Hundred oh thousands of visitors not as wet as you

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