Police appeal after break-in at dozens of Minnis Bay beach huts

Minnis Bay huts Photo Dean Spinks

Police officers are appealing for witnesses after a large number of beach huts were broken into in Birchington.

The huts, based on The Parade in Minnis Bay, were burgled between 8pm on Sunday 18 September and 6am the following day.

The incident, which saw locks on many of the huts damaged, was reported by members of the public and enquiries are ongoing to confirm how many huts were affected and what was stolen.

It is understood almost 40 huts were targeted.

Anyone who has a beach hut in the area and believes they might be a victim, should report the matter via the Kent Police website.

Any witnesses or anyone with information regarding the break-ins should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/183842/22.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form on their website.


      • Peter Checksfield has commented that these thieves “were obviously from…Wales”. That’s not funny. Especially not to a Welsh person, which I am. Kathy Bailes will probably not delete his comment- it does not seem to matter if he is rude about the Welsh. This does not seem fair to me.

        • You wrote how “awful” Minnis Bay is, as well as how “terrible, horrible” London is… as a Londoner who lives in Birchington/Minnis Bay, I too could’ve taken it personally. Instead, I chose not to take the comment seriously. Perhaps you should learn to do the same, Ms. Rees?

  1. I think you lot need to be a bit ore sensitive these huts belong to people who pay good money to rent a plot of land to have it along the promenade some are there own and some are rented. It’s no fun for any of them having to pay out for more locks and replacing stolen items which may well be found on boot fair’s while you all take the mick out of the area and others race. We need to get a grip with the crime rate in the whole of thanet the police are doing their best we can all help them more by being more vigilant and report anyone you know or see commiting a crime I do and have and will certainly continue to do so. So instead of moaning do something about & report them.

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