CCTV images released as part of Margate burglary investigation

Police want to talk to this man

CCTV images of a man Kent Police would like to identify have been released as part of their enquiries into a burglary in Margate.

It was reported that between 7pm and 9pm on Saturday 30 July, a property in Trinity Square was burgled.

Items including a 15-inch Apple Mac Pro, an Apple TV, a Surface computer, phone chargers and other items were reported stolen.

Following enquiries into the break-in, officers have obtained CCTV and would like to speak to a man seen in the footage as he may have information which could assist the investigation.

Anyone who has information regarding the burglary or can identify the man pictured is urged to call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/148850/22.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form on their website.


    • Do you honestly think just locking people up & then releasing them is going to work? How many decades of constant offend & go in, come out & offend, go back, come out & offend again do we have to go through until a different approach is taken? Like actually tackling the endless cycling & working to help them when they get out.

      • So long as a life of petty crime is seen as an easy option with little in the way of meaningful sanction there will always be a small proportion of society that choose that life, give perpetrators a free home, free utilities and £500 a week and all the mentoring you want and you’ll still have a number who won’t change their ways. In days long gone, such people would have been dealt with by the right minded in the local community and either chosen to decided their ways had to change or they’d have moved elsewhere. So until we either give crims lots of free stuff ( with the attendant moral hazard that creates) we either lock them up or ignore them and let them carry on until there’s a furore when in a confrontation with a victim one or both parties gets badly hurt.

  1. Oh that’s Blurry McBlurry face isn’t it! Should’ve got a blind person to do a sketch of the person, would’ve come out better

  2. Steve is correct. There are other European counties whose reoffending rates are considerably lower than Britain’s.

  3. I am an immigrant myself, living in Kent for 18 years. Never asked for any benefits, always hard working, sometimes 2-3 jobs, but when I’m going to work early in the morning, number of homeless people, begging for 50p seems to be overwhelming in recent years. The same is with burglaries. We should know our neighbours, look after their house and ask them to look after yours, together we’re strong. Simple security camer with superb quality of picture costs £40, you can see it from everywhere by Internet and it can alarm you. Unfortunately it’s hard to believe that police will do something. I’ve had 3 nice bikes stolen in the middle of a day, outside shop or my house for literally one hour. Punishment for it is literally non existent.

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