Armed officers and police plane called to report of ‘several’ people with knives in Newington

Armed officers were called to Newington

Armed police have attended St John’s Avenue and Auckland Avenue in Ramsgate following a report of ‘several’ people armed with knives.

The police plane was also called to assist, circling above Newington and surrounding areas for a prolonged period this evening (September 19).

Four people have been arrested and police remain in the area.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to reports of a disturbance in Newington Road, Ramsgate, at around 6.40pm.

“Armed officers attended following a report that several individuals had been seen with bladed weapons. The area was searched, with the assistance of the National Police Air Service.

“No injuries were reported however four people have been arrested and officers remain in the area where they are carrying out enquiries.”

Photo National Police Air Service

Anyone who witnessed the incident or who has information that could assist officers is asked to call Kent Police on 01634 792209 quoting 19-0929. You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form on their website.


  1. Police with guns looking for people with knifes!

    How long before the idiots with knifes decide to match the police with guns!

    Its a slippy slope.

    All guns and knifes off the streets and out of the hands of everyone including the police.

    • Shooting a couple of the idiots might be a good idea, or at least give them 5 years for possession of an offensive weapon.

      • Except they’re ARV officers, who carry submachine guns outfitted for CQC. Pay attention to the story and the photos within.

    • Brother Brother. Your comment has got to be the most pathetic post ever on this site. Well done. Shall we also give our soldiers washing up sponges instead of guns ??

      • Concerned..
        I’d say its your post that is by far more problematic than mine.

        Guns in anyones hands will lead to bullets flying.

        Ban all guns…give high prison sentence to knife carriers.

        The police are armed with tasers, pepper spray and long thin iron bars which they could easy deknife a thug with a knife.

        No need for machine guns.

        • “The police are armed with tasers, pepper spray and long thin iron bars which they could easy deknife a thug with a knife.”

          So, why did they fail to do just that in leicester square the previous weekend, only to see a knife attacker brought down by a passerby throwing a bike at him, “brother”?

    • Not really, because guns aren’t easily available. Which is why we aren’t like America with endless shootings.

      Disarm the armed police? How is that going to work when the minority that do obtain guns are doing bank robberies & gang shootings etc?

  2. Well done Police.What a cost.Now the additinal costs of the investigation and legal costs.Only for the offenders to either be let off or put on a cours.Wake up Britain.

    • Hi David, can you give us this weeks winning lottery numbers whilst you’re gazing into a crystal ball and pulling conclusions out of your bottom?

    • What does that have to do with the police? Are they supposed to let armed people run around causing mayhem? The CPS are the ones who decide to charge, not the police & then people are found guilty or not guilty in a court of law.

      We know the system of locking people & releasing them doesn’t work, yet people keep voting Tory & for vermin like Blair that is their vote winner-tough on crime. Despite it never working it keeps getting repeated.

  3. Anybody surprised at this? I’m not said before thanet is getting worse a lot worse, just waiting for the Morons from outer space to say this happens everywhere not just Thanet 🙄

    • It does though big lad. Whether its Brighton, Basingstoke, Balmoral or Bolton. Kids carrying knives is on the up due to the rise in popularity of “uk drill” music, which is basically an offshoot of US trap music. The “drill” in question is when you stab someone, aka give em a “drilling” or “chef em up” to “put em in a spliff”(kill em and wrap up the body).

    • It’s not getting “worse and worse” the violence we saw in the streets in. 70s and 80s was far worse.

      We just get instant and more news than we ever did and because of computers and systems we report and track crime numbers differently.

      It’s nonsense the streets are rougher now.

    • Of course this sort of crime happens in many places,not just Thanet. I don’t see the point of saying that it doesn’t.

  4. well said thanet lad – all this waffle about it “happens everywhere ” is of little concern to me , i live HERE where its going on !, i often wonder if these naysayers ever leave thier houses ? .you only have to look around this graffiti ridden dump to see the truth.

    • Real world, I notice across a lot of posts, you never provide a solution, just whinging and hand wringing/clutching your pearls.

      why is that?

  5. Getting worse i live in that area too. Taking about the lottery yes i would get out this crime ridden dump. Thanet is not a nice place to live

  6. What is the cause of all this unrest and violence. Recently it Does appear to be quite prevalent in the Thanet area. Is it driven be youth, locals, DFLs? There are a lot of idiots about, have there historically been so many idiots in the area? Is it lack of opportunity?

  7. There are lots of us living in Newington that live quite peacefully but there will always be a criminal element wherever you live. I just don’t like to be tarred with the same brush just because I’m there. There’s no deterrent nothing ever comes of these constant raids on the same house. Even the housing association does nothing

    • The wonders of our modern age, no doubt the household has issues, a chaotic lifestyle, mental health issues and so as a result their behaviour is not their fault. So until such time as one of them does real harm to someone not a lot will happen . Housing association won’t do anything so long as there is one of the household that can be considered innocent, it can drag on for years before anything gets done , even though during that time the immediate area is dragged down. Then even if evicted they’ll get housed somewhere , just moving the misery elsewhere but costing a fortune in the process.
      A tenant some years back had issues with a TDC tenant, the councils response was – your tenant has chosen to rent a property in a largely council housing area and so should expect such problems if they don’t like it they should consider moving.- i asked for that opinion in writing and not surprisingly it was refused, when the council have that attitude you have no chance.

  8. Given the sentence this chap got, you can hardly expect much of a sanction even if charges are pressed for carrying a knife. If he behaved himself he’ll be out by now, i expect.

    • I’ve done some research: Couldn’t find any evidence that states criminals possessing superior weapons to the police is a good idea.

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