Ramsgate Arts Barge teams up with music hall to launch family-friendly matinee gigs

Ramsgate Music Hall in Turner Street

Family-friendly matinee gigs on the last Sunday of each month are being launched by the Ramsgate Arts Barge group.

The  live music sessions will be held between 2pm-5pm at Ramsgate Music Hall with the first event taking place next Sunday (September 25).

The shows are open to all and will feature a variety of music genres over the months. The matinee shows are child-friendly.

Fresh from performances at Ramsgate Festival of Sound & Contrapop Festival, the launch event is an acoustic special featuring Ramsgate musicians;  Josh Flowers, Jenny Hall and Adam Coney.

Josh Flowers is a UK based songwriter and musical collaborator. His debut album Mellow Drama is out now. Josh is signed to Universal Publishing and is one half of the transatlantic duo Echobaby.

Jenny Hall is a songwriter living in Ramsgate whose music is deeply entrenched in the complexities of what it means to be human. Drawing inspiration from country, folk and Americana to tell stories of love, loss and vulnerability.

Adam Coney is a composer/guitarist with a keen sense of production aesthetic who draws on contemporary classical, electronic, folk and jazz vernacular.

Tickets for the show are adults £10, children £5. Book at  www.ramsgateartsbarge.org

With full planning application approved in October 2021, the Ramsgate Arts Barge will be a ‘not-for-profit’ arts and cultural space permanently moored in Ramsgate Royal Harbour.

The aim is  to provide access to the arts for children 2-16 years in Thanet via complimentary extracurricular art classes, workshops, programmes and courses.

Ramsgate Arts Barge CIC plans for renovation and conversion works to be completed for an Autumn 2023 public opening

Josh Flowers (click to listen)

Jenny Hall (click to listen)

Adam Coney (click to listen)




      • I would say that a lot of film soundtrack music draws on the contemporary fusion of the classical , electronic,folk,jazz vernacular , good examples of this are top film soundtrack composers Hans Zimmer ,Michael Nyman and Craig Armstrong,and much of this fusion of music that they compose is beautiful and well worth investigating .and it often sounds great on a decent HiFi.
        This type of music might not be your cup of tea ,that’s fine but I think it’s good to educate and open young and also adult minds to different types of music .

        • Maybe also add top US guitarist Pat Metheney to that list of excellent composers of fusion music , he often blends acoustic and electric jazz,world music ,classical music all together .
          Pat Metheney is wider known for his track “ This is not America” which he composed and had a hit with David Bowie
          Another exponent of fusion music is top British composer Nitin Sawthney who also adds electronica to his broad eclectic melting pot sound

        • I didn’t even say whether or not I like that sort of music (in fact I may even pop along myself), but if the goal is to RAISE MONEY, then they need to appeal to a wider demographic. Get a 60s/70s/80s covers act there, just like the kinda acts that appeal to all ages outside The Swan in Westgate during the summer months.

          I also take issue with the description “family friendly”. Surely nearly ALL music fits that description? I’ve been to noisy gigs by Little Richard and Chuck Berry (both R.I.P.) where audiences consisted of people ranging from young children to O.A.P.s.

          I’m afraid that this is typical of the arty farty brigade, that don’t understand (or care) about appealing to the majority. This is why I’m so vehemently against them taking over local entertainment venues.

          • Lol – 60s/70s/80s cover acts – this is meant for young people, not old fogeys. Most young people actually come to music with no preconceptions and generally will enjoy based on how it makes them feel and how interesting it is – it’s only as we get older we seem to start to dismiss types of music as inaccessible. So to answer your earlier question probably lots of young people will be interested.

  1. good luck with that then , has anyone seen the state of that old shipwreck lately ? they must have had a laugh when they dumped that thing on ramsgate.

  2. Great hope the arts barge company can make some money, was told they need £100k to keep the barge project a float !
    There is a new funding project, link is on their internet site.
    Were they successful in their previous crowdfunding venture ?

    Think having the barge project complete, will be an asset to the area. Dig deep and donate !

    • James

      The only asset will be to the art community again

      I personally wont be giving a penny unlike my taxes that I have no say over

  3. Cool. Will be taking my son along. Most gigs are on too late or to loud for a 3 year old. Being family friendly I imagine the sound will a little lower.

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