Little ones settle into life at Chilton Primary School

Reception pupils at Chilton

Little ones at Chilton Primary in Ramsgate are gently finding their feet in their new school.

And the verdict from the four and five year olds is that they love exploring their new environment and making friends along the way.

To ease them into life at Chilton the new pupils have already enjoyed a series of transition events including a teddy bear’s picnic and various school visits throughout June and July. The new Reception pupils started school on September 5 on a part-time basis and then became full-time members of the Chilton family from September 12.

Deputy Head of School and Head of Early Years Hannah Cheshire said: “We are very keen to ensure that the big step into full time school for our girls and boys – and their families – is as smooth as possible, which is why the preparatory work at the end of the summer term is so important.

“They are happy and are busily learning new school routines and making new friends. They love climbing, playing with the water tray, listening to stories and making dens.

“Their first topic in school is Marvellous Me. This is fascinating as they learn all about themselves, including their bodies and senses.

“They consider how they have changed since they were babies and discuss their talents, likes and dislikes. They share pictures of their families and consider all the things that are special to them.

“Our Early Years team is very proud of how the children have adapted so well and we look forward to sharing some great experiences with them in the coming weeks and months.”

Kate Law, Head of School, said that the Chilton young ones’ educational adventure is well underway. She added: “This is a vital part of a child’s school life and we take great care to get it right.

“They are settled, calm and cheerful as they build their confidence day by day as their journey with the Chilton family unfolds.”

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