Upton Juniors embrace successful national Read A Book Day

Reading at Upton

Children at Upton Junior School in Broadstairs are encouraged to develop a joy of reading that will last a lifetime.

As part of the National Read A Book Day, pupils in the morning assembly were invited to explain why reading is so important with pupils near to them – and then the ideas were collected and discussed.

Assistant Head of School Gemma Scarr explained: “It was interesting to see that our new intake of Year 3 children were very keen to join in only a few days after joining the school – they were keen to share their ideas and show their passion for reading.”

Throughout the day children shared literary texts with their classmates and teachers, while book lovers across the school indulged in one of Upton’s favourite hobbies – reading.

The school has also launched its Accelerated Reader programme which encourages pupils to read independently at their own level and pace, and it includes a digital platform to read on at home.

Upton’s literacy drive also includes the 200 Club for children who have read more than 200 times.

Miss Scarr added: “Books bring new worlds to life, enlighten us and transport us on exciting adventures.

“Reading is the key that unlocks our children’s imaginations – they develop a knowledge about the use of words, grammar, and it enhances communication skills as well.

“Literacy is at the heart of our curriculum, and it is so rewarding to see our girls and boys gain a love of books and stories, whether it is for education and research, fact or fiction.”

*National Read a Book Day is an annual awareness day that encourages everyone to take a break and get reading, either curled up on the sofa or with family and friends. Whether you’re rediscovering old favourites or delving into new bestsellers, National Read a Book Day is the perfect excuse to sit back, relax, and get lost in a book.

Countless studies have highlighted the benefits of reading, which include: Improving vocabulary and writing skills, increasing memory, developing analytical thinking, helping with focus and concentration, and increasing your knowledge. Reading is also hugely beneficial to your wellbeing, reducing stress, aiding relaxation, and helping you to sleep.