Double call out for Ramsgate RNLI

Ramsgate RNLI

Ramsgate RNLI’s inshore lifeboat (ILB), Atlantic 85 ‘Claire and David Delves”, launched twice last night (September 11).

The first launch at 8pm followed a request by HM Coastguard to search the shoreline north of Ramsgate for a person reported missing. The ILB crew conducted a thorough search between Ramsgate and Kingsgate Bay without success in finding the person and were later ‘stood down’.

At 10.20pm the ILB launched again following a report of someone on the rocks at the end of Ramsgate Harbour’s East Pier. On scene two of the lifeboat crew waded ashore and assisted the person onto the ILB and took them safely back to the lifeboat station.


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