Appeal after cat dies in Broadstairs from injuries believed to have been deliberately inflicted

Brody was just 3

An appeal for witnesses is being made after a three-year-old cat died from injuries that it is believed were inflicted deliberately.

Broadstairs mum Justine Abernethy says her family are devastated by the death of cat Brody and horrified to learn that someone appears to have attacked him.

Justine says Brody had been out last Saturday (September 3) and she believes he came back into the house in the early hours,

The 51-year-old said: “We found him on a chair looking like he’d been in a fight so we left him to rest. By the afternoon he was still there and not eating. When we tried to get him up he screamed in pain and looked dreadful.

“We took him to the emergency vet in Herne Bay thinking he must have been hit by a car but the vet said definitely not and that someone had hurt him by pulling or lifting him up by his tail and swinging him around and possibly dragging him too as all the skin had come off his chin.

“He may also have been thrown. There was a chance he’d lose his tail and also his skin might start to die as there was a massive amount of air under it. He had painkillers and anti-inflammatory injections and we were able to take him home.

“Unfortunately, the next morning our son went downstairs to find he’d died. The night he was out my husband was awoken about 3am by the screeching and screaming of someone driving up and down our road at speed and we now wonder if they got hold of Brody.”

Justine, who had to pay out £400 in vet bills, says her children aged 13 and 10 are heartbroken. She added: “He was such a loving cat, it’s just horrible.

“We had had him and our other cat Bow since they were one, they are both rescues.

“I don’t expect to catch whoever did this to Brody but I want to make people aware this happened.

“If anyone saw or knows anything please come forward. Nothing can bring Brody back but I want people to know to be careful in the area.”

Kent Police and the RSPCA have been contacted.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was contacted on Sunday 4 September  and it was reported that a cat had sustained injuries in Ethel Road, Broadstairs, from which he later died.

“It is reported that a person may have inflicted the injuries on the cat at around 3am on Saturday 3 September.”

Anyone who witnessed anything suspicious in the area around that time, or who has CCTV, dashcam or other information which may assist, should call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/173432/22.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA added: “We are sorry to hear what has happened to poor Brody and our thoughts are with his owners.

“We would ask that if anyone has any first hand information regarding this incident or may have seen anything suspicious in the area to report to the RSPCA cruelty line on 0300 1234 999 or Kent Police.”


  1. I am so sorry and distressed to hear your story about Brody. My cat looks very like Brody so it really touched my heart. I hope upon hope they find these evil perpetrators who have killed this poor defenseless animal. You can only hope something awful happens in their life! What comes around goes around.

      • So what would you do Marva? not any of the above. If it was your pet or son who had been torched beaten you would be happy to let it pass to the courts and see the person walking after a short period ? oh well all is fine.
        Simple question what would you do?

      • Marva it may be rude but it’s no way as bad as what some nasty evil thing ( person/s ) did to that innocent cat, do you think that it is OK to almost kill a cat to within an inch of its life only for it to die the next day to kids lost there pet because of the torture dished out to it, We are angry we all say things we would like to do to the person but would not do it. But what has been done to the cat does not warrant a slapped wrist it needs proper justice by the courts and I will hand the person into the police if I find out who did it.

        • Thank you for that Chris, of course we wouldn’t cut his balls off , I am sorry some took it the wrong way, it was short wording to get the point over that a fine ,short sentence , ban from keeping a pet for so long I don’t think is good enough.
          I am sure if someone found the person or persons and took them to a room it wouldn’t be for a cup of tea and lets get you to a docs.
          Yes its wrong and two wrongs don’t make a right but it may help the person persons to understand the pain suffered by the cat.

  2. It’s sickening how so many animals are ill treated a couple of years ago there was the little dog in the millmead area which was badly hurt the those who did it got caught and punished for it, and a cat in ramsgate was swung around by its tail why do they get a laugh out of it, so sad for the youngsters to see the pain the coward/s did someone has cctv of it and they get caught.

  3. So so sorry, poor little thing, my heart goes to the owners.
    The guy who did this must be caught very soon, because if he does this to an innocent animal his mind is already working out to do it to any human. The beginning of a future serial killer? That’s how they start killing animals and then humans, I hope he’s apprehended and recorded on police data.

  4. Someone must know who did it. Its not being a grass when its things like this & it may save another being animal or human from receiving this treatment if you do the right thing & tell someone. What became of the Ramsgate cat swinger?

    • The word ‘grass’ should only be used by criminals or particularly immature schoolchildren. Any responsible person should feel duty-bound to pass-on relevant information of wrongdoing.

  5. I am so sorry for your loss Justine and for your whole family. A most disgusting and cruel thing, to do to a living, feeling animal. I have cats and feel for what you are going through. I truly cannot understand why anyone would do such a thing.

  6. So sorry for your loss. As the owner of a rescue cat myself, I know how utterly precious they are. I really hope that whoever is responsible is found and punished.

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