Palm Bay 6-year-old receives commendation certificate from Kent Fire and Rescue Service

Autumn received a certificate during a visit to Ramsgate Fire Station

A six-year-old from Palm Bay has been awarded with a certificate of commendation from Kent Fire & Rescue Service for averting a blaze at Grove Ferry.

Bromstone primary pupil Autumn Nicholson raised the alert during a family trip after spotting smoke at the site.

The source turned out to be a disposable barbecue in a paper bag that was smouldering next to a new wooden fence and play area.

Autumn’s alert meant action could be taken before the barbecue set light to the very dry ground below.

Proud mum Chloe said: “My mum called KFRS and explained what happened and they then arranged a visit for Autumn.

“She loved her visit. It was so sweet, they had put a table out just for her with biscuits and stickers and a paper fire service hat, it was lovely.”

Autumn was shown firefighting equipment and allowed to get in one of the vehicles.”

Mum-of-three Chloe, who runs a fudge business from home, says the barbecue could have caused a serious fire if Autumn had not raised the alert.

She said: “It was a very hot day and the grass was so dry. There were signs everywhere saying not to have a barbecue but someone had left this one right next to the wooden pirate ship.

“It was really nice for Autumn to have the spotlight.”

Arts and crafts fan Autumn was presented her commendation certificate by firefighters during her visit.

Chris Dyer, Station Leader at Ramsgate fire station, said: “As a reward for Autumn-Rose’s quick-thinking, we were delighted to present her with KFRS’ Chief Executive’s Certificate of Commendation.

“By raising the alarm, she helped to prevent the fire from spreading any further and to help keep everyone safe. Well done, Autumn-Rose.”


  1. Well done Autumn-rose you did the right thing and report it to mum & dad who have taught you very well. It’s nice to hear a little bit of good news.

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