Invite to Proclamation readings in Thanet to mark the reign of King Charles III

The Proclamation is to mark the reign of King Charles III (park photo Frank Leppard, King Charles photo David Mark)

A reading of the Proclamation marking the beginning of His Majesty King Charles III’s reign will take place in Margate on Sunday (September 11).

This follows the death of Queen Elizabeth II yesterday (September 8) who had reigned for 70 years.

Nationally, the Proclamation will be made at St James’s Palace on Saturday 10 September at 11am.

A second Proclamation will be read in the City of London, at the Royal Exchange at 12pm on the same day.

On Sunday 11 September The Proclamation will then be read in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. It will also be read by the High Sheriff at 1pm at County Hall in Maidstone.

The Proclamation will be read locally in Margate on Sunday 11 September by Cllr Jason Savage, Chairman of Thanet District Council.

The reading will take place at 3pm at Hawley Square. If the weather is inclement then the ceremony will be held in the Council Chamber, Cecil Street, instead. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

There may be a road closure that covers the one-way section of Hawley Square for the duration of the reading. Residents will be contacted directly to advise of this.

The Proclamation will also be read at 3pm Sunday 11 September in Birchington Square. Floral tributes can be laid on Dog Acre.

In Ramsgate at 3.30pm the Regional Proclamation will be read by town councillor Steve Albon at the flagpole at Wellington Crescent.

After the proclamation, the flag will be flown at half-mast until the day after the Queen’s funeral – expected to be on September 19 – which will be a bank holiday. Flowers may be left at the base of the flagpole.

Floral tributes

A designated area will be set aside at Hawley Square for floral tributes to be laid if members of the public would like to do so. This area will be clearly defined. Flowers will remain in situ for the period of mourning.

People are asked to consider removing any cellophane, or plastic wrapping, so that at a later stage when the flowers are collected they can be composted.

The Union Flag is lowered to half-mast at Cecil Street and flags across the district will be flown at half-mast as a mark of respect. Blue Flag and Seaside Award flags will also be lowered during this time.

The only exception to this is on Proclamation Day which will see union flags raised for the Proclamation of the new sovereign.

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  1. People are asked to consider removing any cellophane, or plastic wrapping, so that at a later stage when the flowers are collected they can be composted.

    Really TDC really you cant even be bothered to take the wrapping off the flower’s. Unbelievable.

    Where else in thanet is the reading and placing of flowers taking place ?

    • Why should TDC remove the plastic from floral tributes,
      It’s a reasonable request that saves council tax payers money,get in the real world and stop living in the past.

    • Why should TDC take the wrapper off it’s time consuming
      If you really care then take the wrapper off when you’re placing the flowers to help the council to compost it later.
      It’s all down to common sense

  2. The faux outrage at anything surrounding any announcement made to do with the tragic passing of the queen, on both sides is in incredibly bad taste, from the personal attacks by the media on her beloved grandson Harry and his wife to the outrage from people feeling grief and expressing grief to plastic on flowers, to a backlash to anyone that feels no grief. Let people mourn (or not) in their own way.

    Have some respect. Whatever your feelings on the monarchy and mine are not overly positive, especially in recent years, no one can argue Elizabeth is one of the greatest figure in British history.

    She will never be replaced.

    I know she would have disapproved greatly at a great deal that has gone on since her passing in her name.

  3. Proclamation will be read at 3.00pm Sunday 11 September, Birchington Square.
    Floral tributes can be laid on Dog Acre.

  4. For the first time in 70years we get a chance to witness the “Pomp & Pageantry” of crowning a new King.

    Yet still there are idiots who have to have a moan about it.

    Problem with this country these days is that there are more and more idiots who feel they have to bad mouth something that they have no interest in just to have a sense of entitlement in their sad little lives!.

  5. Hopefully the stolen diamonds/gold can finally be returned to the former colonies… Would definitely watch that convoy

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