Person taken to hospital following traffic collision in Birchington

Emergency services

One person was taken to hospital following a road traffic collision in Birchington this morning (September 7).

Kent Police, South East Coast Ambulance Service and Kent Fire and Rescue Service attended the incident in Shottendane Road at approximately 8.30am.

Three fire engines attended and crews used hydraulic cutting equipment to remove a door and the roof of one of the vehicles to gain access.

They then gave first aid to one person, who was passed into the care of SECAmb.

Paramedics assessed and treated two patients  at the scene before one was taken to William Harvey Hospital.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 8.31am o to Shottendane Road, Birchington following reports of a collision involving two vehicles.

“SECAMB and Kent Fire and Rescue Service also attended and one person was taken to a local hospital.”


  1. This is the same road that TDC and KCC plan to use as a by pass from the end of the A28 dual carriageway at Birchington to Margate – another good idea from our planners!!

    • Back in the 1960s they planned to upgrade Shottendane to dual carriage way to bypass Birchington and Westgate. Pity they were as ineffective at getting things done then as they are now.

      • Correct sir! I rarely use it these days, It is a narrow road, cars are generally getting wider, traffic levels have increased noticeably and too many drivers treat it as a race track leaving very little room for passing in places. Nothing wrong with the road per se but there is much wrong in the way it is often used.

  2. It’s used alot because visitors and others use it because no camera’s so can get into Thanet without getting court for no insurance,tax,etc. Put a camera at Acol crisp road and traffic will reduce

  3. coming out off the junctions along Shootendale is probably the hairiest, due to the angles it can put you on the wrong side, I usually wait till clear.

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