‘Blatant’ Margate burglar jailed for six years

JAILED: Kirk Holt

A Margate burglar who targeted three properties in one day has been jailed for six years.

Kirk Holt stole bank cards and other items from properties in the High Street and Wellis Gardens in Westbrook on Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 August. He then used the stolen cards to fraudulently buy goods from several shops until the transactions eventually failed. He also tried to burgle a third property in Coronation Crescent but ran away empty-handed when he was found by the victim as he tried to break in.

The 32-year-old was charged with two counts of burglary, one attempted burglary and five counts of fraud by false representation.

At Canterbury Crown Court on Monday 5 September Holt, of Honeysuckle Close, Margate, pleaded guilty to all charges and was sentenced to six years in prison.

During the afternoon of Tuesday 2 August a woman realised there had been a burglary at her High Street property when she saw items strewn everywhere and her bank cards missing. A gold pocket watch and a set of medals had also been stolen. Shortly afterwards, her cards were used in a nearby shop and two other businesses.

The following morning a resident in Wellis Gardens found his property had been searched and the front door was left open. His keys and wallet containing bank cards were missing.

The victim reported four transactions had been made using his stolen cards after the burglary.

That same morning, a woman in Coronation Crescent, Garlinge, walked into her kitchen to find Holt staring back at her through the window from the garden. He was holding a sledgehammer as he ran from the garden.

He was arrested a short time later.

An investigation by the Chief Constable’s Crime Squad found CCTV evidence showing Holt in the businesses at the time the cards stolen from the two burglaries were used.

Officers also confirmed that Holt had broken his way into the third victim’s shed to find the sledgehammer seen during the third offence.

On Holt’s arrest, the stolen pocket watch and medals were found at his property.

Detective Sergeant Jay Robinson of the Chief Constable’s Crime Squad said: “Kirk Holt was rather blatant in his offending. He was burgling while people were in their homes and showed no second thought for the impact of his actions on others.

“Being burgled is an invasion of privacy and a breach of security in a place where people have a right to feel safe.
‘Through the swift actions of our officers, the victims were able to get their stolen items returned and Holt is now in jail, and I hope it brings them reassurance.”


  1. Well known career Criminal in and out of jail constantly, Google his name another waste of air we have to pay for 🙄

  2. quite right thanet lad – a total waste of space , he should be locked up in one of these holiday camps they go to and the key thrown away.

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