Broadstairs Poundland to open this weekend, creating 18 jobs


Poundland will bring 18 new full and part-time jobs with the opening of its new store in Broadstairs this weekend.

The store, at 25, High Street, opens on Saturday 10 September at 9am.

The site, which is more than 4,000 square feet, was previously occupied by Tesco.

It will offer Poundland’s core range, including groceries, household products, health and beauty, stationery, toys and batteries, as well as a selection of chilled and frozen foods and snacks.

It will also include a wide range of Poundland’s PEP&CO clothing.

Poundland director of retail, Darren Kay, said: “Our new Broadstairs store is in a fantastic location, right in the heart of the town, and we think local residents and visitors will love it.

“Whether customers are at home or on holiday, we’ll offer them the amazing range and value they’ve come to expect from Poundland and which is more important than ever while people’s budgets are under so much pressure.”


  1. Great news, WISHING POUNDLAND SUCCESS am sure they will see lots of customers taking advantage of what they have to offer. I shop in Poundland myself and now will no longer have to go to Ramsgate to get what they offer at great value. WHOO HOO can’t wait.

  2. It is good to see that Broadstairs is finally coming upmarket.For too long,it has been a poor neighbour to the more affluent Ramsgate and,in particular,Margate.

  3. Touting job creation is a bit meaningless when the previous Tesco closed and was replaced with Poundland. The Tesco across the road is mostly self-service checkouts and a few harrassed staff, so the jobs effect is probably neutral. Good luck to Poundland though. Better than an empty building at any rate.

  4. We live in Broadstairs town centre and Poundland will be a godsend as there’s soo many things you can’t buy in this town that they sell, hope Poundland does extremely well !

    • Oh do shut up you pillock. WTF do you know, or even understand?
      Also, get off that loser’s bandwagon, you are boring the pants off everybody.

      • I do so enjoy reading a learned and insightful HYS posting like yours.
        The dreadful Shapps has been consigned to the dustbin of history and in this ever changing world losers and winners can change places quickly
        I do agree however,about your comments on the Poundland hype

  5. This always makes me laugh – “creating 18 jobs”.
    All it means is that 24 other jobs are lost elsewhere by obliterating smaller and similar businesses to do so.
    All a load of bull, just tell the truth.

    • It’s not quite as simple as that. I very occasionally go to Margate Poundland, and while I’m there, I visit 2 or 3 other shops. Now, I’ll go to Broadstairs Poundland instead – and while I’m there, visit several other shops. One popular shop very often helps other nearby businesses.

  6. I live in broadstairs and love it.. as a child I spent Saturday’s un Woolworths with my Nanny- great memories and a great shop! I can’t wait for Poundland to open, I’m now 42, my Nanny is now 86 and I have my granddaughter, we now have a varied shop to visit and spend money in, plus it will be a shop to buy a wide range of items. A fantastic boost for the High Street!!! Whoo hoo

  7. i wonder how the council house snobs in broadstairs will react to this ? they will probably enter in disguise

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