Police attend collision at St Nicholas-at-Wade roundabout

Incident at St Nicholas roundabout Photo Hazel Nicholls

Police are currently on the scene of a collision at St Nicholas-at-Wade roundabout this morning (September 3).

Officers were called at 9.15am to reports of a two-vehicle crash.

The road was closed while officers dealt with the incident but is understood to have now been reopened.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “The collision was at around 9.15am and involved two vehicles. There were no reported injuries.”


  1. Why cant people in thanet use roundabouts ?

    To many drivers turning right from the left hand lane. Get into the right hand land and use the inside of the roundabout. Its not rocket science.

    Some twat cut me up on sevenscore roundabout last night. Came up on the inside of me as I was turning up to the a299. He should have turned left or gone straight on down the little lane towards the golf club. Oh no he is going right as I begin to leave the roundabout into the inside lane of the duel carriageway only to find the white van there !.

    He was in completely the wrong lane but gave me the 2 fingers lol.

    Drivers dont care anymore

    • Sevenscore’s going to get even “better” once those Thanet Parkway traffic lights become operational: Already (when they’ve had trial periods with them) you get people in Lane 2 drag racing the car in 1 when they go Green, failing to make the pass and so turning left (to Sandwich) in the outside lane.

  2. To many people go to fast on roundabouts, they approach at speed and only look right not seeing the vehicle from the left already halfway round.

  3. I know how to use roundabouts but have to watch some, like doing a right from Ramsgate into Tesco , have to cross lanes to the left , get hooted several times as one coming from the other side going straight across , left hand lane thinks i’m cutting them up.

  4. The st nicks roundabout approaching from Thanet way , it’s sign posted and road marked for either Margate(left lane) or Ramsgate ( right lane) yet drivers still do it wrong and cause accidents , coming from Margate it’s just as bad with drivers using right lane to go straight ahead whilst others turn right from left lane , that’s where the crash can occur ! Heyho.

  5. Yet coming from st Nick’s to monkton roundabout it says you can be in the outside lane to turn left to ramsgate !
    Normally it would be the inside lane for the first two turns , thanet earth and ramsgate, out side lane for monkton and Canterbury.
    Yet for some reason the road markings say outside lane to turn left.

    Technically I guess it might be right if joining the thanet way in the outside lane. But it seems a dangerous instruction.

    • Lets scrap cars
      Use horse n carriage love
      Get real
      Not hard to know what to do but some drivers are very old in there 90s you are right…

      Yesterday pedestrians thought a flashing green man meant it was safe to cross.

  6. I also have been cut up on roundabouts on the way to Sandwich, been driving for 50 years with no accident but it seems rules have changed check out rules roundabout, you can use inside lane as well as outside (as always done)and many people are doing this and its scary unless I am misunderstanding this rule. I was taught inside lane if turning left and outside lane until you pass junction then signal to turn left and move across after checking mirror

  7. Just taken this from the highway code it seems the rules for turning right hasnt changed

    When taking an exit to the right or going full circle (unless signs or markings indicate otherwise):
    Signal right and approach the exit in the right hand lane
    Keep to the right on the roundabout until you need to change lanes to reach your exit
    Signal left after you have passed the exit before the one you intend to take

  8. So many drivers don’t get that not signalling at a roundabout is effectively telling other road users they intend to go straight ahead. Often when trying to enter that roundabout from Margate, A28, vehicles swoop in front of you at high speed without using indicators.

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