Watch Margate artist Anthony Giles teach presenter to paint as Channel 4’s Britain by Beach screens on TV

Thanet artists Paul Gadenne, Anthony Giles and Deborah Gilbert being filmed with Anita Rani Photo Frank Leppard

Margate artist Anthony Giles appears in a Channel 4 documentary this weekend as he teaches the host how to paint.

Channel 4’s Britain by Beach filmed scenes in Margate during May as presenter Anita Rani explored the Kent coast.

Anita began her journey in Hythe and Dymchurch, where she visited an unusual architectural feature designed to keep Napoleon at bay. Deep within Dover Castle, Anita learnt about a secret wartime operation that enabled the biggest rescue in British history, and she concluded her journey in Margate, learning of a love story that fired the great painter JMW Turner.

Photo Frank Leppard

The presenter was joined in Margate by artist Anthony, who in July celebrated his first anniversary at his latest studio in Lombard Street, to find out the tale of Turner and try her hand at an oil sketch.

Photo Frank Leppard

Anthony joined the crew after production company Plimsoll contacted him to ask him to get involved. He was also joined in the programme by fellow Thanet artists Paul Gadenne and Deborah Gilbert.

Anthony said: “They wanted to know about Turner so I swotted up and gave the a few facts and figures.

Photo Frank Leppard

“Anita desperately wanted to paint as her uncle had been quite a well-known artist. I showed her how to paint an oil sketch of Margate Harbour. She was such a lovely lady. I was a bit nervous as I haven’t done any TV work since before covid but she told me it would be fine and gave me a big hug.

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“We were filming for around three hours on the Kings Steps whilst the Malle Mile beach racing was on. It was great fun.”

Kent features in the second episode of the latest Britain by Beach series this Saturday (August 27) on Channel 4 at 8pm.


  1. Anthony Giles is a very talented local artist who’s work I own .
    If you want to see proper Art , don’t go to the Turner Contemporary but pop round to Anthony’s studio / shop in Margate old town where he’ll give you a warm and friendly welcome .

      • It’s inland across from Margate Harbour and Anthony Giles studio shop is in Lombard Street in the Old town area of Margate
        Sometimes ,often in the autumn Anthony Giles has an exhibition and a “Sale” where I’ve previously picked up some amazing bargains .

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