Consultation for 20mph on 10 Ramsgate roads and petition asking for wider speed restrictions

20mph Speed Limit Credit: istock/lenscap67

A consultation on changing 10 Ramsgate roads to 20mph zones is being run by Kent County Council.

The roads that will be covered by the new speed limit if it is enacted:


HARBOUR PARADE – From its junction with Military Road to its junction with Marine Esplanade.

HIGH STREET – From its junction with Harbour Street to its junction with Hardres Street.

KING STREET – From its junction with High Street to its junction with Broad Street.

MADERIA WALK – From its junction with Harbour Parade to its junction with Albion Place.

QUEEN STREET – From its junction with High Street to its junction with Leopold Street.

ROYAL PARADE – From its junction with Harbour Parade for a distance of 33 metres in a westerly direction.

KCC says the aim is to “avoid the danger to persons or other traffic using the road or any other road or for preventing the likelihood of any such danger arising

“ (and) for preserving or improving the amenities of the area through which the road runs.”

The consultation closes at noon on September 5.

Find it here

A petition has also been launched by Ramsgate resident Emma Lloyd asking for the 20mph limit to be made throughout the town centre following a fatal collision in Leopold Street on August 10 which killed two people and seriously injured a child.

She said: “I have been so saddened, shocked and angered by what happened last week, I felt the strong need to appeal to the authorities to introduce a 20-mph speed limit throughout the town centre.

“There is a clear case for slower speeds and better road safety measures in Ramsgate. We have many pedestrians, both residents and tourists, shopping and going about their business in the town, who currently do not feel safe on our streets.

“Over the last 12 months alone, there have been 17 separate serious road safety incidents in Ramsgate – 3 fatalities, 8 serious injuries, 7 slight injuries and 22 causing serious damage to shops, vehicles, etc. Something has definitely got to be done about this!

“I am asking KCC to work constructively with Thanet council, Ramsgate Town Council, the police and local residents to improve pedestrian safety in Ramsgate and make the town more friendly, safe and welcoming for pedestrians.

“Specifically, I am asking KCC to extend their proposed 20mph limits to the whole town centre, and to install pedestrian crossings on major danger spots.”

 Find the petition here

*A public meeting to discuss the possibility of 20mph zones and other road safety measures in Ramsgate has been arranged by County Councillor Karen Constantine and will take place at Ramsgate’s Comfort Inn on September 9 from 7pm to 8.45pm.


  1. As sad as those deaths are ,30 mph speed limit did not stop an idiot and moron driving fast and reckless,they will not obey 20 or even 10 mph limits,a sensible driver will always obey speed limits ,idiots and morons who not ,at the back of all this pressing for lower limits are a certain brigade who do not like motorised vehicular transport and want to go back to pre Victorian road conditions,yes I am a careful driver and hate the idiot drivers,these days of all the age groups and genders,also pedestrians must take care and not just walk out into the road,being hit at 20 mph hurts very much ,and yes you can be killed at that speed as I know from experience

    • Our sentiments also well said. We have cyclists and electric 2 wheel scooters doing well over 30mph I have on many occasions had them undertaking me on 30pmh Road. No need for 20mph ridiculous idea.

      • Yes have to agree with cyclists as those who are racers do 30 mph with no problem especially along the Canterbury road duel carriage way was passed doing 35 a few years ago, and in Brighton it has been reported and proved 42 mph illegal electric scooters along sea road seriously stupid and dangerous they are

    • If, as comments made on this site indicate, most drivers are law-abiding, then a 20 mph zone for the entire town centre will be a huge improvement,most drivers will not exceed 20mph, and all pedestrians will feel and be safer.

    • Quite agree, in addition there is a list of incidents that have occurred “in ramsgate” that is a horrifying role call. However how many of these were solely as a result of excess speed and how many occurred on the roads that are being considered for a 20mph limit?
      As i’ve asked before , we had the fatality on Dumpton Avenue and the serious accident on the Margate road, both were featured on IoTN but no reports of the drivers involved being prosecuted. Which would suggest it wasn’t the driver that was at fault. Can we ask for laws to stop people wandering along paths glued to their phones, legislation to ensure people look before they cross a road, etc etc

  2. Doing nothing is not an option.
    If 99% of drivers are driving at 20 mph, it makes it quite difficult for the 1% to drive faster.

    • But those who are determined to will always find a way to weave between lanes or on the wrong side of the road I’ve seen and been tailgated and as soon as they could get by tried to push me into parked cars and this was a 30 mph area.

  3. All these comments about drivers keeping to 20mph is hot air,the idiots and morons do not keep to speed limits ,Phyllis and ms rees,I am all for 20 mph outside schools hospitals etc ,but I have stated on other occasions if the limit was 10mph ,these idiots would still speed, as they also break th limit at 30/40/50 /60/70/mph ,the only way is to have pedestrian areas only ,but then the local shops would moan about loss of trade,there is no easy answer to the problems of speeding drivers because it you ban them they will still speed

    • Yep totally agree Ray.

      Trying to use the recent deaths to promote this rodoculous suggestion is low. You could have made the limit 1mph, and the people responsible for the deaths would have ignored it. Is it even known if they were driving above the current limit?

    • Easy solution is to make black box’s in cars a legal requirement as part of your insurance. If you are speeding frequently then your insurance is no longer valid, once you are uninsured due to speeding you get points put on your licence for speeding, loose a second insurance due to it then you loose your licence and your car is taken away. Very simple solution to stop people speeding but nobody likes black boxes in their car so no1 will think of it

  4. the money would be better spent filling in the potholes and repairing the pavements, there are already laws in place relating to speeding and dangerous ,driving and if we go any slower thanet council will charge us for parking i expect

  5. Most of these roads are in a pedestrianised area so the limit should be 5mph not 20mph. Why should cars be allowed to go any faster than the primary users of these roads?

  6. Why cant the existing law’s be enforced ? That could be done tomorrow, just needs enforcement officers.

    I am in favour of the proposed 20mph schemes, as a starting point.
    The Views of Kent Police on 20mph Schemes can be read here 20mph policy-review Environment and Transport Cabinet Committee – 24 May 2019

  7. This consultation was posted on here on the notification of a meeting called for the 9th September I signed this on the 12th August also asking for it to be extended out further at least to Queen’s House, and to look at putting chicanes in on roads leopold Street, Queen’s Road and from leopold Street past the harbour as this is proven to be the best way to deter speeding as they have to slow down to negotiate them speed humps only slow the good drivers who care for their cars, 20mph will be observed by decent caring drivers but drugged or drunk drivers it never will their brains do not comprehend what they are doing.

  8. In order to protect pedestrians install railings or similar along the edge of the footpath .. it will stop people from stepping out in front of moving traffic.

    Might even offer some protection against the idiots for whom no number of speed limit signs will ever be enough!

  9. If the Police actually made a regular appearance around Ramsgate and made regular random stops and roadside alcohol and especially drug tests on drivers, the roads would be much safer around here!

  10. Agree with most as 20mph does not and will not stop drink/ drug driving and the idiots who cause mayhem. I very rarely see police presence in town and around. Just look at the town centre where daily you will see cyclist going through fast ( of all ages) when there are big signs for cyclists to dismount in the centre. I also see electric scooters again all ages going down the middle of several streets when I thought at the moment this is illegal. If we can’t control simple law enforcement why think that it is only speed limit that will do it. I have no problem with a 20mph in areas where needed but don’t allow a horrible drink driving idiot to change rules when we need the basic laws and rules policed first.

  11. Most of this relates to the 20mph speed limits proposed as part of the “Future High Street Fund” project for Ramsgate, funding for which was announced in May 2021. This aimed to introduce traffic calming to the harbour parade area, with new crossing points and changes in road surface material and levels, to make access between the town and harbour easier and safer for pedestrians.

    Madeira walk is a useful addition to the 20mph zone. Its twists and hidden bends makes it dangerous to cross as a pedestrian – as there are only a few places where you can see oncoming traffic at a distance in both directions. Some drivers appear to treat it as a kind of self-drive scenic railway.

    Other than these sea front areas and the York street to Queen Street stretch, most of the rest of the roads are pedestrianised during the day – enforced by the gate at the end of harbour street.

    If at least some drivers keep to the 20mph limit, it should help slow down the remaining traffic. The sections of raised road surface should also help.

  12. Losing control whether car driver or cyclist can kill. Under influence which no one has mentioned here. Getting on a bike drunk or in a car or on drugs and drink you will lose control. Don’t need to speed to kill anyone on a bike or in a car…

    Who will control the traffic congestion at the Harbour.
    You have a bus stop area blocking traffic a traffic island too near a kerb and busy pub with tables on pavement. I have never seen anyone speeding around Harbour parade. Who will police taxis stopping and cars to go to Frank thorley

  13. i don’t understand why Hereson Road hasnt been included people drive like maniacs some go well over 30 or more definitely need speed cameras and 20m an hr speed limit very dangerous road indeed

  14. You only have to look around Ramsgate to realise that the centre of the town was built when cars did not exist, the roads are built for horse transport and pedestrians, even cycles came after. A 20 mph speed limit shouldn’t bother any sensible driver, even at that speed, you could drive right through Ramsgate in about 5 minutes (instead of maybe 4 with a 30 mph limit)! I fear enforcement might be a problem though, I never see many police persons or cars.

  15. Nothing against 20mph but it doesnt address the piss poor standard of driving on thanets roads.

    Wont the 20mph areas just encourage more pedestrians not to look up from their phones and just walk into the road ?

    It gets worst by the ‘indicators’ what are those apart from putting them on hazards to park anywhere !.

    Scrap all roundabouts as drivers in thanet havent a clue how to use them.

    We dont drivers thank you for giving way ?

    Last week alone two drivers drove onto my side of the road for no reason apart they were on their phones.

    As soon as you go north of the M25 it’s like being in a different country, driving standards improve dramatically. Coming south of the M25 it gets worst the further south you come.

    I enjoy driving but not in thanet where most or short tempered and aggressive.

  16. Under the current climate are these changes necessary.
    1. Drunk or Drugged drivers do not obey and Highway rules. 20 mph will not make any difference.
    2. The roads for this scheme are mainly in the pedestrian area, so why the 20mph restriction.
    3 . Why are we even thinking about 20mph restrictions, who will enforce it, the Police are overworked as it is and anyone thinking they will be there needs a reality check.
    4. Cost of this scheme can it not be better spent elsewhere.
    5 Does anyone know if any road scheme that KCC have implemented as a trial ever been reversed, as any reversal has another cost implication.

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