Ramsgate RNLI rescue woman cut off by tide

Ramsgate RNLI

Ramsgate RNLI came to the aid of a woman cut off by the tide yesterday (August 16).

Ramsgate’s Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat ‘Claire and David Delves’ was launched at 2.20pm at the request of HM Coastguard following a report of a person cut off by the incoming tide between Ramsgate and Broadstairs.

The woman was found at the foot of cliffs below the George VI Park area in Ramsgate where she was assisted aboard the lifeboat by the volunteer crew and safely taken to the lifeboat station in Ramsgate Harbour.

The woman  was uninjured but Coxswain Ian Cannon said: “This could easily have had a very different outcome, so please can we ask anyone out enjoying our lovely shoreline to take care, check the local tides before setting off and always carry a means of communication with you.”


  1. That stretch between Dumpton Gap and the ramp for the promenade at Ramsgate is no more than 200 meters. Was she blind or something, she would have had ample time to head back to Dumpton Gap or get to the promenade when she noticed the tide coming in! They should have been fined as this was a waste of the RNLI’s time and volunteers efforts. Some people bring this sort of thing upon themselves.

    As no fine can be issued I hope she gave a very large donation tio the RNLI!

    • Did it not used to be longer 50 years ago? seem to remember getting cut off many times and climbing to a cliff thing maybe a cave where we used to wait till the tide went out.

      • Similar happened last Saturday, two teenagers nearly drowned, it was pandemonium on the beach, they ended up being rescued by their dad, who also struggled to come back to the shore. People really need to be more responsible and respect the sea.

    • I think alot of the time people seem more obsessed with their mobile phones and blindly walk into dangerous situations, being oblivious to what’s happening around them , you see it all the time with pedestrians walking straight out into road without looking whilst being mentally somewhere else other than where they are !

    • It is dangerous there . People need to check tides before embarking on beach walks . It’s not hard these days , plenty of apps for occasional walkers. The initiated can tell by just looking at the water

    • You have no idea who she was, how old, how able, how well she knows the area. This is what the RNLI do day in and day out without complaint. You’d do well to take a leaf out of their book, my friend. There’s no need to be so unkind.

  2. The coastal path should have been built to connect Ramsgate to Dumpton Gap. It’s all very well letting the cliffs collapse into the sea to renew the chalk reef, but one can’t help but think this was a cost cutting reason.

    This would have made a good land train route between Broadstairs and Ramsgate.

    • It was. You can see the remnants of it all over the beach. There’s only so much man can do in the face of prevailing south-westerlies

  3. Let’s be kind. If not local she wouldn’t have been aware of how quickly the tide comes in. Panic can set in.

  4. There’s a thing called “Tide Tables”, do these people not read them? Plus down there you can clearly see the tide coming in.

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