The Libertines announce exclusive gig at The Oval Bandstand in Cliftonville

The Libertines Photo by Jason Knott

The Libertines will perform an exclusive matinee gig at The Oval Bandstand and Lawns in Cliftonville this week.

The band, which also owns the Albion Rooms hotel and Wasteland bar in Eastern Esplanade, will put on the show on Wednesday (August 17) at 4pm.

It will be followed by an after-party at The Albion Rooms.

The Libertines  hotel and recording studio The Albion Rooms was bought by band members in 2017 and opened in two phases across 2019 and 2020.

Co-frontman Carl Barat also teamed up with chef and restaurateur, Gizzi Erskine; partner and Cruel Hearts Club’s’ front woman Edie Langley, and music industry insider Ronnie Traynor to open LOVE café in Margate last year. The Marine Gardens site will also house Justine’s music venue downstairs.

The Oval Bandstand and Lawns is managed by community organisation GRASS Cliftonville CIC.

The group, which is earmarked to receive a total of £500,000 from the £22million fund, plans to remove the old toilet block at the site and replace it with a pavilion with café, community room/s and public toilets.

Tickets for the gig are £22.60. The event is for those aged 18 and over.

After party tickets are £11.30.

Limited tickets on sale now at


    £22.60 mugs…has beens or never beens.
    You can see the bandstand and obs hear it from anywhere on the oval no need to pay, its a public area…mugs

    • Reminds me of the time TDC closed of the grass area at palm bay for an air show and charged an entrance fee.

      We like most just stood outside and watched the air show.

      Who gives permission to charge the public to use a public area ?

    • Same minds think a like . I thought of this as soon as I read the article . Why anyone would want to pay to see this is beyond me when you can see and hear it for free ?
      In fact I wouldn’t cross the road to see Doherty and his mates who are yesterdays news .

      • If they were “yesterdays news”, you wouldn’t be here commenting on them as todays news, logically speaking “rockstar”.

  2. Not a public area…..this asset now belonging to GRASS which is a CIC. All money goes into the maintenance of the Bandstand not TDC any more

    • Grarse… Say they are a community group but they will try to exclude the community. We will be having a peaceful protest picnic that afternoon. Need a court order to be moved..a la caravans on Palm Bay etc… See you there…

      • “We will be having a peaceful protest picnic that afternoon. Need a court order to be moved..a la caravans on Palm Bay etc…”

        Sounds like PROPER snowflake behaviour. Kinda like “I don’t enjoy this, so I’ll try force others not to enjoy it too”…

    • Is that in addition to the £25,000 they have apparently already received from the £500,000 they are allocated from the MTDB.

      What maintenance are you referring to, a really good paint job that the 16 year old bandstand needs?

      They have a bar at all their events.
      Who has the profits from this?

      As Directors of a CIC are they paid?

      They were supposed to be opening the toilets every day, I read this on their site and in the press before the transfer.
      They only open them at their events.

      They have been handed a business on a plate by TDC

      Most locals where not aware they were being gifted this prime 4 acte site at no cost.
      A site that belonged to all the community and I am sure was originally gifted to the town by some past benefactor.

      I would much prefer the Winter Gardens to be up and running a proper indoor theatre than anything on the bandstand.

      Why did the Libertines not offer their services to our main theatre?

      It really is unbelievable

    • The public as far as I an aware, are still allowed to use the lawns or are you implying that this is not so?

  3. Joris, they can do no wrong as far as TDC, MTDB,local councillors, Mayors of Margate, Councillors of Margate wards, residents in their area, and residents with short memories.
    Everybody thinks they are

    Can’t understand the Libertines, not offering to help our only real theatre. Says a lot about them.

    • Jack

      Perhaps the libertines couldnt fill the winter gardens plus it isnt owned by their mates allegedly

  4. Good luck to Pete and company.

    Those who dont like him or the band need not attend.

    Its not compulsory.

    • Absolutely, in this country we all have a choice.
      Shame that you don’t post under your real name Elvis.
      He never used a pseudonym.

  5. The Deed for GRASS – TDC reads at 6.1 (a) to ensure that the Property is kept open for the free and unrestricted use by the public at all times subject to any reasonable closure of the Property for the purposes of securing the Property. We have a temporary? electronic problem with The Isle of Thanet News. Please let us know if you read this message [email protected]

    • Yes, have read it and seen document before.
      It is still open to the general public especially the lawns.
      Yes, they were gifted the site, at no charge,
      by TDC, in an asset transfer in July last year. As far as I am aware, with clauses.

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