Young woman suffers serious injuries in fall from roof in Ramsgate

Emergency services attended Photo Dante Luca

A young woman is in a London hospital being treated for serious injuries after a fall from a ‘flat’ roof area in Ramsgate.

Emergency services were called to Arklow Square at 12.10am today (August 13).

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 12.10am to a concern for the welfare of a teenage* girl in Arklow Square, Ramsgate.

“Officers attended along with SECamb and the girl was taken to a London hospital to be treated for serious injuries where she remains.”

*It is understood the injured female is 22-years-old, not a teenager


    • You know nothing about the construction of these houses with various flat roofs and it was very hot last night inside. Even Cinderella was out til midnight.

      I sincerely hope that this poor girl recovers from this accident and feel for her and her family at a very difficult time.

      Travelling to London as friends and family is extremely expensive. I hope they get some funding.

      Silly and offensive comments on a story like this are beyond understanding and merely show a lack of humanity, empathy and intelligence.

    • I understand she is 22. She is still young and she and her family need kindness and support, not ridicule.

  1. You have to ask why we have a hospital here as all the treated for serious injuries go to London and that all take’s time to get there some office people that plan this may not have a brain 5 mins to Margate hospital 2hrs to London
    If your kid had to go hospital say after a car crash and die on the way to the hospital in London as this world is not all a bout money

  2. The media have this slightly wrong,just to inform you, she is not a teenager. She’s 22 years old.
    The family are going through enough right now. So please don’t jump to conclusions. 🙏 I PRAY FOR THIS YOUNG LADY TO PULL THROUGH THIS VERY UNFORTUNATE TRAGIC INCIDENT!

    • Thanks for the correction, details were from Kent Police and officers probably were too busy with the important stuff to recheck the age. I’ll amend it

  3. Ramsgate seems a, tragic town of late.

    I feel so strong in not frequenting.

    I hope the 22 year old is recovering. Condolences to her family

  4. Can people have some respect! The family is going through enough right now. And having to see people gossip and come to assumptions plastered all over the media/social media is very upsetting. Please just leave this family to deal and try to get through this extremely difficult time. Just think how you would feel…

    Sending nothing but love hope and my deep empathy to the young lady and her family 🙏💜

  5. My heart goes out to the family dealing with everything at this time.
    I hope she recovers quickly.
    Sending love to all family.

  6. For everyones information the police were at the address half hour before she fell. She was on the roof because she was scared of the police. The police had plenty of time to get the fire and rescue service there before she tragically came of the roof. The police were shining very bright lights into her eyes which made her loose sight and sadly fall from the roof. The police have a lot of explaining to do and there are some serious questions that need to be answered regarding the polices actions taken that night

    • Can you email me please
      [email protected]
      Any witnesses are really crucial at this current time as it will help to piece together what actually happened to my little sister that night. Any information is important information no matter how small the detail. Thank you.

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