Newly refurbished garden benches stolen from Thanet Hospice garden

The benches, refurbished by Kayley Canning, were stolen on Tuesday night

Thieves have stolen two newly refurbished benches from Thanet Hospice.

The benches were taken from the gardens on Tuesday night (August 9).

CCTV footage shows the benches being carried by a man and a woman to a van parked on the main road.  The couple were caught on camera and the theft has been reported to the police.

They had recently been repaired and painted blue by Saga employee Kayley Canning.

She said: “I was shocked, saddened and devastated after discovering thieves went to extraordinary lengths to steal the two blue, recently refurbished garden benches, that I personally had painted and repaired from Thanet Hospice garden.

“This is a heartless crime and the culprits remain unknown. I am urging the public for witnesses and any information regarding stolen property.

“There is no better way to connect with the world than doing small acts of kindness, I gave back now it’s time to get them back to the rightful owners.”

Jon May, Pilgrims Hospices Thanet Services Manager, said: “We are all at a loss as to why people would want to steal from our charity. Just last week, a volunteer working party from Saga, repaired and gave the benches a fresh new look in blue paint, they looked wonderful. Saga employees are regular supporters of the hospices, and offer their time and expertise for which we are very grateful.

“We are disappointed to say the least, that some people saw fit to steal our garden furniture, and feel even more disappointment for the volunteers who have taken so much time and effort to refurbish the benches and make them look so beautiful.

“We rely on volunteer support from organisations such as Saga, and hope this unpleasant incident will not detract from the amazing work, they do for us now and in the future.  We really couldn’t do some of the vital work in and around our hospice and grounds without the generous support of our volunteers.”

The charity has been inundated with kind offers from members of the community and local businesses, to replace the benches.

Jon Sillett, Deputy CEO, added: “We can’t thank the people of Thanet enough for their generosity and very kind words of support.  We have accepted a generous offer to replace the benches. Sadly, it’s unpleasant experiences such as this, that remind us how we are part of, and valued by the local community.

“We are now reviewing how we can improve the security on our site in Margate, and would love to enhance the security within the hospice settings to deter any future potential incidents. If you would like to make a contribution to items such as security gates, updating fences, lighting and other items, this would be very much appreciated. This would enable our gardens to be safe places for our patients and their loved ones to enjoy, and somewhere to create special moments and memories.”

If anyone would like to help with a donation, to help maintain the hospice for those who need Pilgrims care and support you can donate here:

Or call Pilgrims Supporter Relations Team on 01227 782 062, every penny donated will be making a different to end-on-life care in our community.

Anyone with information is asked to contact hospital services manager Jon May by email at [email protected] or by calling 07710 764 820


    • Not offered agree with real world but the e ents of the last few days makes you think like this.

      What is happening to thanet

      • Nothing that isnt happening in every town across the country. A CoL crisis pushes people into desperate measures to support their families. Expect more crime, more often, the longer the CoL crisis continues.

        • These aren’t desperate thieves, they are simply scum. A desperate thief would steal a loaf of bread to feed his family, not a park bench from a hospice to make his own garden look better. Stop defending scum.

  1. B*****ts.

    Their problem will be the benches stand out being blue.
    If everyone posted on social media am sure they will be found.

    • Except they have probably stolen some paint using their van to cover over the blue benches. But yes if everyone knows about this there could be some leads. I take it the police didn’t follow up with the CCTV and look at vans being driven around that time locally?
      What a despicable crime !

      • Yes , despicable .
        The police won’t bother with a couple of benches, saying that they have had a busy week with the deaths.

        Please see my posting below. There are 25 posters on this, if we all chucked a fiver in there would be a replacement.
        I bet not one will.

  2. One day these lowlifes may need the help of these dedicated people,I hope then their callous behaviour comes back to haunt them , sometimes words cannot describe the disgust I feel about things like this

  3. When the pieces of S**T are caught that done this they need putting in stocks in the local town centre for a week so the public can throw and hit them with what they like, I would personally break every bone in there fingers to reach them a lesson

  4. It’s not just Thanet – I’m pretty sure it’s the same almost everywhere which makes it even worse. Horrendous.

  5. Good grief!These vermin are lower than a snake’s belly…absolute scum.I can only hope that that a fatal disease is inflicted upon these cockroaches.

  6. Absolute dregs of the earth. People keep referring to Thanet. It’s not just Thanet it happens everywhere in England. That said if London councils keep buying up all the social housing in Thanet to send their ‘troublesome’ families down here then there will be more and more incidents of theft etc. All a bit unfair on the area to be honest ☹️

  7. Someone must have seen these being carried away or being put in a van along the Ramsgate Road Margate !
    They,ll probably turn up at a local bootfair !
    Its very sad….

  8. The lowest of the low stealing from the dying, to the people of Thanet and beyond if you see these benches in someone’s garden please inform the police or if you know anyone who you think might have stolen them keep an eye out you may just see him/her re painting them, whoever took the benches must have had use of a van do you know of a dodgy van owner??, let’s see if we can find them.

  9. This can only happen in thanet its pure evil. There is also cctv at this hospice as I have visited someone there before. Thanet sickens me yet again.

  10. 1)Is it not too hot for patients to sit outside?

    2) most surprised the hospice can’t afford to buy two new ones. Where does all their charity funding go?

    • Hi gobsmackd if you soon will be meeting with your ancestors and loved ones who have passed on already, having a little sit down in a warm garden with family and friends is a blessing for all especially as time may be short, and charity funding is for the patients and equipment and wages etc, I doubt if pilgrims funding will be any different to the Eleanor hospice my sister was with the service they give is unbelievably beautiful. It’s not the fact of buying new it’s that they have been stolen so why should some thieving person/people take from the dying its disgusting, also its cooler in the shaded garden than inside at the moment. 2.5 degrees cooler.

    • Gobsmakd,
      I am truly gobsmacked by your totally insensitive comments, you seem not to have an ounce of compassion in you with crass remarks such as that. As has been pointed out, why should some lowlife benefit from the efforts of people trying to make the last hours of a loved one easier and bearable?
      The hospice’s charity funding would certainly be wasted if it came in your direction. Unbelievable.

    • Fundraising doesnt give scumbags the right to steal things. You have just made an absolute stupid comment.idiot

    • Gobsmacked. What a truly pathetic comment. Rather than blame the scum that stole the benches you choose to question the hospice finances. If Karma exists the people who stole from the dying will be diagnosed with the same incurable illness and live out the remainder of their lives in pain and suffering, thieves like these deserve nothing better.

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    • Thank you. I had a lot of help from the hospice when my wife died of cancer (51).
      I had help after all for free.

      I was also a bit of a lad some 47 years ago not much was safe in the shops lol , but one don’t do this stuff , I hope the scumbags rot .

      I will order a bench when I get my pension .

  12. Well everyone has said how bad this is etc. At this time it wont get the benches back.The patients will be stuck inside during this nice weather , some might be on their last hours / days.
    Unable to go on holiday , have a bbq.

    There is a bench at Birchington on market place £100, so lets see if any one of you can help.
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    • Thank you for posting that, best thing I read in weeks.
      The the scum have helped the hospice in a way , not their intention.

      I hope the hospice gets plenty of benches they can sell some then .

      They be new ones best secured to the ground as scum will be back, nothings safe .

      I think the outcome is amusing , scum go out in the night , lug benches , maybe paint them in a van , now hospice has new ones.

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