Poisoning suspected in death of three foxes in Pegwell

The fox deaths are thought to be suspicious

Police and the RSPCA have been notified after the suspicious deaths of three foxes in Pegwell in separate incidents.

A concerned resident found the bodies in June, July and this month. The cause of death has not been confirmed but poisoning is suspected.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was informed by the RSPCA of three separate incidents of foxes dying in suspicious circumstances in the area of Pegwell Road, Ramsgate in June, July and August.

“The cause of their deaths is unknown but details of the incidents have been recorded by the Rural Task Force and officers from the Thanet Community Safety Unit have been made aware.”

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 states it is against the law to cause unnecessary suffering to foxes and other animals with offenders facing a fine of up to £20,000.

The RSPCA says it is liaising with police regarding the incidents.

Anyone with information can report online at www.kent.police.uk/report

If you believe you have foxes in your garden and wish to deter them naturally find advice at


Report it

If you think a wildlife crime is being committed then you can report it to the Police Wildlife Crime Unit online You can also report wildlife crime anonymously to Crimestoppers, by calling 0800 555 111.


  1. its such a pity the poor foxes ate it , when it was probably left out for all these cats that c**p all over our gardens !

  2. mycotoxins have been found on moldy breads, dairy products, walnuts and peanuts, stored grain and cooked pastas. Foxes that get into the trash or pick up food on trails and parks can be poisoned by the mold.

  3. It is the responsibility of the police to enforce the law, in this case the Animal Welfare Act. The RSPCA are a charity and are not obliged to take any action on animal abuse/ill treatment. As a charity the RSPCA are not publicly accountable, they are only accountable to their members. They are not a branch of the police, and the police should not depend or rely on the RSPCA to provide evidence, they should use their own animal experts. I am speaking as a former elected RSPCA Trustee!

  4. It’s a shame the wildlife lovers appear to lack the ability to articulate any social/ political views of their own ?

    They appear to lie in wait for the more articulate commenters to express their own views and then simply latch on to the comments with their front teeth, responding with rabid abuse….same way their cousins, the foxes, prepare no food of their own and simply hang around our dustbins rummaging through our castoffs.

  5. Urban foxes, naturally, scavenge in town. And rural foxes hunt. (I supoose urban foxes hunt to some extent too.)

  6. You’re quite right, Daughter of Enoch – foxes really are too lazy to prepare their own food. Many of them don’t even own a can opener. I’ve seen ’em hunting though, at dusk.

    • Mmmm ? Yes I’ve seen them hunting at dusk as well. Hunting for leftovers in rubbish bins.

      I’m glad you mentioned this though cos under the cliftonville article, someone remarked that gulls where the only wildlife he saw on the streets.

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