Emergency services attend rescue operation at Margate Main Sands

Emergency services attend Margate Main Sands Photo Frank Leppard

Emergency services were called to Margate Main Sands as part of a rescue operation this afternoon (August 10).

Police, South East Coast Ambulance, Kent Fire and Rescue, Kent air ambulance and RNLI lifeguards were in attendance.

It is understood a person was rescued from the water and CPR was administered.

An RNLI spokesperson said: “ Our lifeguards were involved in a rescue around 1.30pm this afternoon and provided casualty care to a member of the public.

“The casualty was handed to the care of paramedics and was conscious and breathing at that time.”

Photo Frank Leppard

Kent Police say officers were assisting paramedics and, at the same time, responded to a report of a missing child who was found safe and well.

South East Coast Ambulance Service has been contacted for further details.


  1. My partner actually rescued the boy from the tidal pool and administered CPR. Lifeguards were great when they took over but it took several minutes for them to reach the pool and the child – I hope going forward that lifeguards will begin to man the tidal pool area.

    • A small girl drowned a couple of years back in front of the lifeguards on Margate beach. Sorry, but what the heck are they doing instead of keeping both eyes on the people in the water, especially children? Why are they easily distracted? Yes, they are really brilliant when giving resuscitation but they need training on doing their job properly and being speedy in response to an incident.

    • Hi Charlotte I was one of the women who gave cpr to the lad. I have heard from his mother that he is alive and well. Please can you pass this onto your other half as I’m sure it will help give him some closure on what was a terrifying experience for all x

      • That’s fantastic to hear; he’s been understandably upset by it all so he will be so pleased to hear this. Thank you x

    • You are more than welcome. Not knowing is just the worst, especially after something so traumatic. It’s made me feel so much knowing he is ok x

    • Well done Charlotte and Charlotte ‘s Partner for rescuing the child…. sounds as if you saved their life.

  2. Well done to your partner and the other lady who started CPR . We’ve seen all ,hope the boy it is OK.

  3. Well done to the person who started the CPR…we were visiting Margate for the day and witnessed the events unfolding. I felt that the response from the emergency services was slow. Elements of the emergency services where still arriving 30 to 40 minutes after the start of events.With respect to the missing little girl who was found relatively quickly,we were 10 yards from the family of mum dad and their 5 small children…greater parental vigilance is required!!

  4. Well said!! It really IS the respinsibity of parents to look after their children!!
    Our firefighters have more than enough work to do without having to babysit children while their parents sleep on the sand!!
    Time for parents to be more responsible!!

  5. Words cannot express my sincere gratitude to the men and women whose heroic act gave my son a second chance to live. Because of your bravely response what could have been a tragic event for my family turned into a delight. I wish I could meet each of you individually to hug you and thank you. Charlotte, please tell your partner and his colleagues they will forever be heroes in my heart and my family is thankful to them. Sharon, a million thanks to you for initiating cpr on my son. Your presence there gave my son a second chance to live. The police, paramedics and everyone who responded in diverse ways we will forever be indebted to you. Sincerely grateful. My son is well and stable because of your presence at the beach that day. He is being discharged from the hospital today thanks to you and the medical team. God bless you abundantly. Heroes and heroines in real life.

    • Oh Sandra I’m so so so SO pleased he can go home today! Everyone who played a part that day acted as part of a team, and I’m sure I speak on everyone’s behalf when I say how wonderful it is to hear that he is doing so well. I hope you all are able to heal as a family, and live life to its fullest ❤️ much much love to you all, especially your son. And a massive thank you and well done to every single person who helped that lovely young man. We are connected forever xxx

  6. I’m worried about the lack of management for jet skiers at Palm Bay who seem to think it’s ok to speed over the tidal pool while people are paddle boarding and swimming. Will it take a death or injury for Thanet council to put safety measures in place? Made a comment on the Facebook page and was blocked so it seems that the people managing jet skiers at Pam bay also doesn’t care about safety

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