New comedy night Crack Me Up! coming to Margate

Controversial comedian and magician Jerry Sadowitz

Controversial comedian and magician Jerry Sadowitz headlines the launch of Crack Me Up! comedy at Olby’s Studio 2 on Saturday, 17 September.

The show will feature several other name comedians, including Ramsgate-based lust-poet/stand-up Violet Malice, and DJ-JD, playing vintage Ska, Soul and R&B 45s until midnight. Due to the adult language and nature of the performance, admittance will be limited to over-18s.

Crack Me Up! comedy is presented by Walnut Whip, a creative group based in Thanet, headed by veteran music promoter and writer Jim Driver.

Although Jim has worked mostly in music — including organising Margate Rhythm & Rock at the Winter Gardens for many years — his connections to comedy include working with Al Murray (The Pub Landlord), Alexei Sayle, Mark Steel, Adrian Edmondson, and Catherine Tate, amongst others.

The next Crack Me Up! comedy nights are scheduled for November 18 and December 9, and many more big names and surprises are promised in the future.

Tickets for each show are limited to 120 and are already selling well for the launch: organisers say an early sell-out is almost certain.

More details and tickets -£24.75 for September 17, 7.30pm-midnight – are available from the Walnut Whip website at

Olby’s Creative Hub (Studio 2), 3-5 King Street, Margate


  1. I’m assuming (hopefully wrongly!) that Jim Driver won’t be booking right-leaning comedians like Jim Davidson and Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown… A good promoter though, who put on successful latter-day tours by notoriously “difficult” rock ‘n’ rollers Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry, amongst many others.

    • Replace right wing with another word beginning with r and you have your reason. Think we’ve thankfully gone past that type of ‘comedy’ they peddle being funny anymore – probably still appeals to certain type of person though. You could always put them on for a night?

      • Why, when they still do sell out shows? Jim Davidson packed out The Winter Gardens just last month!

        A good promoter provides acts that puts bums on seats, and doesn’t let personal preferences get in the way (maybe this applies to Jim Driver too, I’ve no idea – he may even be a fan of these comedians).

        • Chuck Berry’s and Jerry Lee Lewis’ actions haven’t always been acceptable, but Mr. Driver rightly recognised them as the rock ‘n’ roll pioneers that they were/are (JLL is still around), as well as their commercial potential.

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