Almost 40 people reported for traffic offences during operation in Thanet

Traffic checks took place in  Pysons Road, Broadstairs, and Canterbury Road, Westgate

Thirty-eight people were reported for traffic offences during an operation by Kent Special Constabulary in Thanet.

On Saturday (July 30) Specials, Kent Police Cadets and local PCSOs stopped and checked over 70 vehicles in Pysons Road, Broadstairs, and Canterbury Road, Westgate-on-Sea as part of their ongoing work to keep the district safe.

Out of the 38 traffic offence reports (TORs) given out, 14 people were reported for not wearing a seatbelt, seven motorists were reported for having worn tyres and six people are facing further action for not displaying a proper number plate.

Three drivers received a TOR for not having the correct insurance and their vehicles were seized as a result.

A further nine people were given warnings regarding defective lights on their vehicles and two were spoken to about the tinting on their windscreens.

Special Inspector James Johnston said: “We regularly organise traffic operations to ensure people are playing their part in keeping the roads safe.

“We hope that those reported for offences will reconsider their driving habits and check their vehicles more regularly for defects.”


  1. great news that they are finally clamping down on these made up names on number plates, they are totally naff by the way.

    • Real world

      Totally agree about the number of illegal number plates in thanet.

      So many drivers here move the numbers and letters, plus the new crazy of tinting their number plates

  2. More of the same please ,step it up a noch,
    So many cars on the road with faulty lights ,and missing front number plates? Why ,also faulty indicators they just done work!

    • Haven’t got time to deal with anti social behaviour or burglary or shop lifting but can find time to nick people going to work glorified Tax collectors for the Government

  3. They should have a blitz in Beacon road Broadstairs car parking on Dangerous bends,parking half on the footpath blocking people with pushchairs etc,speeding especially after dark many i am sure are youngsters probably not even taxed or insured.

    • Yes i agree and it’s happening all over Broadstairs.
      Broadstairs is becoming a joke and we who live here are wondering what the so called authorities are doing to keep Broadstairs a nice place to live ?

  4. The council should also check other places in Broadstairs like the seafront at Broadstairs where people park illegally a lot of the time and that includes people parking in disabled parking spaces, who aren’t disabled.
    It happens all the time at the disabled spaces in front of the Charles Dickens pub at the seafront in Broadstairs.
    And all around Broadstairs people know that parking attendants don’t come around for quite a few weeks, so they park where ever and when ever they want, and that includes parking partly on footpaths.

  5. Should stop parking on the grass outside the hospital on St Peters Rd opposite Lister Rd and while they’re at it clear the weeds and rubbish that’s been there since before xmas

  6. All those resources and mainly seat belts and number plates what a waste of time with all the other anti social problems in thanet.

    • Neddy

      So what are you saying ?

      Ignore the people who can afford Lamborghinis and private number plates ?

      Changing your spacing on your number plate is I think a 1k fine.

      Anyone who breaks the law should get nicked. Just because you are well off diesnt mean you are above the law !

  7. Well done to many get away and deserve to get prosecution.Please do more including speed along rumfields road where parking on the path is also rediculous.

  8. So, over 50% of those stopped were committing an offence! I nearly got killed out on my bike at the Pysons/Margate Road traffic lights once, when I was waiting for the lights to change at the Advanced Start Line. Just as the lights changed to amber, a car came down Pysons Road, with a woman driver, on her mobile phone, who went straight through the red light! Had I been a car I would probably not have survived!

    Anyway, can the same exercise be carried out to confiscate people on electric scooters? They are illegal, yet even young children, sometimes 2 at time on one machine, are riding around Thanet with impunity? These machines are dangerous, and I have had at least 10 near misses with them. They are sticking two fingers up at the police, get them off the road!

  9. Well done, the insurance dodge is damn right wrong any of the other 32 legally driven motors had had an accident which was the non insured drivers fault unless legal drivers had paid extra for non insurance claims they would not be able to get the vehicle repaired it is not fair for legal drivers, and as Dumpton says the idiots (I cannot say exactly what I want to as won’t be printed) who persist in riding these E-scooters should have them removed as they are a nightmare for anyone walking down the pavement and drivers, the idiots don’t look either way and swerve all over the place and they are illegal and to make things worse my daughter and her boyfriend are indignant to my requests for them to stop riding them in public highways and pedestrian areas, I wonder if those who have bald tyres realise if they are to blame for a accident and their cars not legal /fit for purpose their insurance may not cover them either will depend on its clause?? In policy not everyone check the policy properly.

    • I fully agree with what you are saying about e scooters.
      The only time this council will do anything is when it’s good for them.
      They don’t have any idea what they are doing.

      • Sorry Steve, its a police matter, e-scooters come under the Road Traffic Act, but the police would sooner stop cars to see if they are being driven legally! Its not just e-scooters though, a short while ago I was nearly killed on my Mobility Scooter, when 3 young men nearly hit me racing each other on the pavement!

        • In other words, nothing will be done about them, because the police will just give poor excuses for not taking action against those ediots.
          It’s about time the police did something about sorting Broadstairs and the surrounding areas, but on a permanent basis.

  10. What about drivers who overtake in built up roads . The other day it happened to me-twice.on the new haine road,some idiot overtook me and the car in front. going about 70. Then in manston, some van overtook just had time before the on coming car came. IDIOTS.

  11. A lot of drivers these days have the atatude that as long as they are ok, they don’t care about other people.
    I see it a lot as I’m driving around.
    Over taking is ok as long as it’s safe.

  12. I’m not excusing the people who broke the law ,but it looks like the Police choose locations in Thanet for an “easy nick” plus it didn’t do their “end of month target of vehicle nicks “ stats any harm did it .
    Cynical but true !
    Where are the Police when many drivers are going double the speed limit through Acol especially from the junction of the former village pub going up Margate Hill or turning into Crispe Rd ,Acol ?
    The noise and speeds are breathtaking as well as antisocial
    We’ve all heard and seen them ,so why aren’t they also nicking people with really noisy exhausts too ?
    And that should apply to motor bikes as well as cars .

    • Good point that you’re making Paul
      I suspect that the pretend police men were making up the numbers or assisting their proper police members of staff by checking simple tasks like the condition of the drivers tyres or asking if the indicators / lights worked before telling their Pro Copper “ the result of the investigation “ ( Lol ) and then passing the offending motorist over to said Pro colleague to say and do the legal stuff .
      Btw, Going on the photo , I’ve never seen so many Thanet Police at a scene in Thanet
      I wonder what would have happened to the Bobbies taking part in this operation both in Westgate and Broadstairs if an incident was taking place .?
      Would they just have abandoned the scene of these operations ?

  13. Nice that they are picking on car drivers. I’m sure most drivers were legal and had to be inconvenienced when stopped. Why don’t they do something about all the people bombing around on Escooters. They are illegal yet the Police do nothing. The Police just like harrasing people who pay to use the roads

  14. What is it with Thanet and Kent CC wanting to waste money on20 MPH signs that the. BRAIN DEAD YOUNG DRIVERS WILL IGNORE. Get some white lines redone On the roads so they can see where they are going

  15. We are experiencing a cost of living crisis. People are struggling to pay petrol to get to work, put food on the table and pay their utilities. What fool organised it to stop workers on way to work?

    • Maybe they should consider doing it legally and there would be no issue. Not hard is it. It’s a great idea. Let’s hope they do a lot more.

  16. I live on,a one way road abd they still drive up the road council have been informed and say till someone is injured can’t do anything and now cars racing down road.where are the policemen in Broadstairs? Last week a woman drove through a red light didn’t even notice crossing by bakers.

  17. Comments on here are hilarious. Typical Thanet mentality… They should do more of this, b4ll0cks to all the drivers that think it’s okay to break the law. I hope they get fined to the point they actually suffer too. You clowns arguing the police should be doing something else are clearly the same w4nkers that drive through Birchington at 60, and pull out on everyone.

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