Dog rescued from fourth-storey ledge of Margate building

Rescued from the ledge Photos Kent Police

Two Kent Police officers and a fire crew have rescued a dog athat had climbed out of a fourth-storey window of a building in Margate.

Yesterday (August 2) PC Beth Ninnim and PC Matt Albers from the Thanet Multi-Agency Task Force were on duty when they became aware of the pet standing outside the rear window of a residential property.

Unfortunately the dog had become stranded after climbing out of the window onto a ledge and needed help.

While PC Ninnim positioned herself within sight of the dog, PC Albers was joined by PCSOs who then worked to identify which building the dog had come from, to see if they could reach it.

PC Ninnim said: “I was worried the dog might try to jump if he saw any passers-by or my colleagues in the adjacent buildings so it was important we didn’t do anything that might prompt the dog to jump off the ledge as it was just too high from any safe place.”

As none of the windows from neighbouring buildings were close enough to reach the dog, officers were then joined by Kent Fire and Rescue Service and together they were able to enter the property and get the dog to safety.

The cross-breed dog was treated to snacks and a big bowl of water.

Officers have since spoken to the dog’s owner and a referral has been made to the RSPCA.


  1. it would have been cheaper to have bought a new dog , a colosal waste of resources caused by neglect

    • Real world : Hardly a day goes by without you making a moronic pointless comment ,but you surpassed yourself with one .
      What a cruel ,heartless and wicked thing to say .
      In future instead of looking to get a reaction ,just do us a favour and keep your negative thoughts to yourself

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    • Real world, what a scumbag comment. Save you or the dog ? The dog wins every time.

    • Your an obnoxious a..e, fine the owner
      and put back into the resources that rescued the dog, it’s not the dogs fault if he was hot and desperate to get out! Go fall off a very high cliff there’s plenty of em around here, they’ll be no expense in rescuing you, as they’ve no need to bother!

  2. Why was the owner referred to a charity, the RSPCA? I know of no other professional body that depends on a charity in order to function, so why are the police using the RSPCA to enforce the Animal welfare Act, 2006? I have complained about this several times, because the police should have their own Domestic Animal Inspectors! The RSPCA have their own policies to not provide evidence of animal ill treatment, unless in an emergency, and an animal is likely to die. Also, as a former RSPCA elected Trustee, I can say the charity is NOT publicly accountable, and is only accountable to its members! This is a shocking state of affairs, as it means animal ill treatment nationally, is going on with impunity! I have a letter from DEFRA who are responsible for the Animal Welfare Act, that states the police should not rely on the RSPCA, or any other animal charity, but they do, why?

  3. Well done to Beth and Matt for their quick thinking. Poor dog must have been so pleased to see you turn up at the window.
    That day was a RUFF day for you 🙂

  4. Extraordinary comment by someone who clearly only values their own life fir its economic benefit. Seeing life as it is…connected and precious.

    Well done Police Officers… making a real difference and protecting values.

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