Poundland to open Broadstairs High Street store this September

Poundland will open at the site

A new Poundland store in Broadstairs High Street will open in September.

The store takes the site previously used by Tesco until its move last year to the new build next to Boots in the same road.

Work is currently underway to fit out the premises.

A Poundland spokesperson said: “We’re working hard to get everything ready to open our new store at 25 High Street, Broadstairs, in September. We think it will be a store the town can be proud of and we’ll announce more details shortly.”

Since opening its first store in Burton-upon-Trent in 1990, Poundland, has built a network of 917 stores in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, offering top brands and own brand products.


  1. Great news i be able to buy my more wool for my sister as she does chroeting if i get a job i be able to get discount on the wool and with the amount of chroeting my sister does going to need it

  2. Broadstairs is going to pot.. Lots of companies going bust. Must be the council tax and business rates.
    Rooks went into administration and bust.
    Rspca shop gone
    Tesco moved
    What shops bring me there..
    Flower shop gone
    .. Gone down hill lol

  3. But not in Birchington, where Peter Checksfield lives. I expect there are no “crumbling shop doorways” in the spotless and sinless haven which is Birchington.

  4. Poundland on Broadstairs high Street 🤣 That should put the noses of those manbun-wearing, latte-sipping posh sorts out of joint

  5. Excellent news , many things you can’t buy currently in Broadstairs that’ll be available from Poundland, great decision.

  6. Broadstairs is so snobby. Get off your high horses it’s only a Poundland, which in this current climate may help a few. Not everyone is well off and can afford a weekly shop at Harrods like so many of you like to portray. You lot really don’t know your born Broadstairs is still in thanet and thanet doesn’t have a particularly great name outside of thanet. Get over it

  7. Surely Thanet is pretty well thought of by people outside the area, considering how popular it has become for people who want to move to the seaside.

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