Photos: A wave of colour and fun at Ramsgate Carnival 2022

Ramsgate carnival 2022 Photo Frank Leppard

Photos by Frank Leppard

The sun may not have been out but Ramsgate was bright with a wave of colorful costumes at the town carnival yesterday (July 31).

Crowds packed the route from Government Acre, looping along the seafront and back to the start point, as floats with dancers, drummers and carnival courts took part.

The parade also featured Donald Duck, an array of colourful troupes and Sparkles belly dancers with a tribute to the late Andy Barrett.

The event is organised by Mick Pidduck and committee and includes stalls and a fair at Government Acre.



  1. Poorly organised as is usual with this council. I had no idea this was going on and lost access to my house. No prior notice of road closures

    • bob – I don’t think TDC has much to do with the organisation of this event – other perhaps than Notice of Road Closures which will have been advertised in Thanet Extra and on TDC website.

      The carnival always takes place on the last Sunday of July and gets various mentions in printed and electronic media.

      I think you will find that the carnival is organised by a group of local volunteers as a town event, a vehicle for local clubs, organisations and businesses to gain some publicity, and to hopefully raise some money for local charities.

      How long did you lose access to your house – was it for one hour or was it for two ?

    • Yes – it is a shame that there are no longer the local businesses willing to support it, nor the local groups and organisations. nor the sports and social clubs, nor the youth and children’s groups, nor the bands, nor the people of the area . . .

  2. It was great to see so many happy people, both those in the procession and those watching. It was particular good to see so many children’s and youth organisations involved.
    Be nice to have a bit more live music, though.

  3. Quite disappointed lots of princess pictures where was all the pretty little dance groups that my door is in because I know you took photos of them my but we’ve got lots of princesses and just people dancing why not promote the businesses

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