Crews called to fire at derelict former Ramsgate home of wrestler Jackie Pallo

Fire at the former home of wrestler Jackie Pallo Photo Amy Morgan

Three fire engines and the height vehicle are in attendance at yet another fire at the former Ramsgate home of British wrestler Jackie Pallo.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to the property, off Haine Road, at 12.14pm today (July 30).

A KFRS spokesperson said: “KFRS was called at 12:14pm to reports of a fire in a derelict building close to the Lord of the Manor roundabout in Ramsgate.

“Three fire engines and a height vehicle are at the scene. Firefighters are currently tackling the fire.

“At this time there are no reported injuries and at the cause isn’t known.”

Photo Swift Aerial Photography

Motorists around Thanet are advised to avoid the area near Haine Road and Lord of the Manor roundabout due to firefighting operations closing the route.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at around 12.20pm to a building alight near the Lord of the Manor roundabout in Ramsgate. Officers have closed the road near the scene while fire crews tackle the blaze.”

An application to create six homes at the site was refused by Thanet councillors last year due to concerns about pedestrian and cyclist access.

Photo Swift Aerial Photography

Ozengell Farm was the home of the wrestling hero until his death from cancer in 2006, aged 80. His son, Jackie Jnr, and wife Trixie continued to live at the property. Trixie died in 2013.

Jackie Pallo

The four-bed property was also gutted by fire in March 2018, believed to have been deliberately set. Ramsgate and Margate crews were called to the site with 16 firefighters and four fire engines at the scene during the height of the blaze.

The cause of that fire was recorded as unknown.


  1. What the council like to do is turn down planning permissions so it can leave buildings derelict and a vandals playgroundbill before eventually after thousands of pounds of been spent in additional planning appeals which are eventually granted years down the line to build on the plot. On a positive side it’s good practice for the fire service.

  2. its a brown site yet not allowed to build drive up to the roundabout with the dragon and luxury homes are planned on a field that has just been harvested, whats going on??

  3. A blind person in the planning department could see that KCC should have purchased the site and straightened the road out it was fine for horse and cart but not now.

  4. House as stood unharmed for over 150years and then once the owners have passed there is two fires!!

    Gas works building survives two World Wars and bombing raids then once work is to start there is a fire!!

    Always a reference to Godden but that bloke paid kids to start fires for him and looks like others are carrying on his ways!

  5. For goodness’ sake. Can’t you drop these miserable ideas for a change? how about accepting that accidents happen? That people are careless? That things are very, very dry and more inflammable than usual?

  6. Careless?? The house is hundreds of yards from the nearest building so hardly an accident.

    Plus people shouldn’t be there in the first place either!

    How about you drop the “Rose tinted” glasses for once and see what is actually happening in this area Marva!

  7. Fires are happening to building’s sheds some in places its extremely hard and dangerous to get to in Ramsgate and margate some are accidents but no way is the late Jackie Pallos house an accident I would bet it wasn’t kids either as they would need a slow burner to be able to get away safely, Marva Oh-no is please open your eyes you only have to look at this news site IOTN to see the amount of fires there has been.

  8. My eyes are open, and I haven’t noticed an unusually large number of fires locally, even in this dry summer.

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