UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 Final to be screened at Dreamland


The UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 Final between England and Germany will be screened live at Dreamland.

The Lionesses have stormed their way through the 16-team competition and , after a 4-0 victory over Sweden on Tuesday, they take on Germany for the cup.

The UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 kicked off on July 6 with England hosting the event.

It is the second time England have staged the competition after 2005, when Germany triumphed. The Netherlands won the last finals, in 2017, on home turf.

The Lionesses have put on an amazing effort, beating Austria 1-0 on July 6; Norway a staggering 8-0 on July 11; 5-0 over Northern Ireland on July 15; 2-1 against Spain on July 20 and the win over Sweden in the semi finals.

The final will be screened at the Scenic Stage on Sunday (July 31) from 5pm-8.30pm.

Under 14s must be accompanied by an adult. Entry is free but places need to be booked.

Dreamland will be open all day as usual, with a selected line up of quieter rides available after 5pm.

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    • As with the women’s matches,they are giving away tickets and selling them at a discount,to fill the seats.If they hadn’t,the stadia would have been largely empty .

    • As with the majority of the matches,if they hadn’t given away tickets or flogged them at heavily discounted rates,most of the stadia would have been largely empty.

  1. I dont mean the stadiums, I mean why does dreamland charge for the mens game but not the ladies. That doesnt seem fair, abit like the old days when night clubs would allow women in for free but charge the blokes.

    • If they were to charge,I suspect few would come to Dreamland,to watch the match.If it is free,then more will come and spend money on the extortionately priced alcohol.As with the actual games.

  2. Totally wrong about stadiums being empty, children had freeother than that apart from concessions everyone paid, or did they give 60000 free ticket away at old trafford, no one needs these dinosaur views on womans football, fastest growing spectator sport in world at present, and that was tecorded before euro’s statted,

    • Yes,they paid,but reduced rates,compared with men’s matches Not a dinosaur,just stating fact.
      And what is your answer,Alex Scott,as to why Dreamland are not charging to watch the game on Sunday?

    • Womens football is coming along big time, but still only one woman’s team has it’s own statium and that’s Manchester only true team City.
      Utds ladys play at leigh along with the rugby.

      • The USA women’s team who were world champions lost against the male Dallas Under 15s team. The quality is poor. They wouldn’t beat margate or ramsgate. I think k it’s great that young girls are being encouraged towards sport, but all the hype around this is forced. They made the final in 2009 and hardly even knew

      • Incoŕect Margate Ladies play ar Hartsdown as do many other women’s teams. At a recent Margate game there were about 50 girls playing football oncthe pitch prior to the main event

          • ABC

            I was talking about how poor most premier league teams treat the ladies game. Man utd only started a ladies team about 3 years ago !. And play on leigh rugby pitch.

            It was nice to see so many ex and present City players in the England 11. City have invested heavily in the ladies game, that’s why our ladies are the only team with their own statium.

            Unfortunately the ladies game has the same problem as the mens game with stupid kick off times. City ladies v arsenal ladies is 7:30pm sunday !

            Grassroots football is getting really good with the womens games, which is fantastic

            Well done England

  3. I am not that bothered about the sport in general but have enjoyed the matches I have seen partly because the players play a fair game without histrionics and trying to cheat!

    • Yes,their behaviour on field is an example to men;fewer red and yellow cards and less feigning injury.Also,opposing supporters are sitting together and there appears to be no crowd trouble,both inside and outside the ground.

      • Do you follow ladies football ?

        It is going the same direction as the mens games. Cheating and diving has increased massively in the last two seasons.

        I have seen plenty of games were red or yellow cards should have been given. I put it no to poor referring.

        The coverage is becoming more biased now just like the mens. The wage cap is forcing the top ladies players to move abroad to earn top money.

        The two best ladies teams Chelsea and Manchester City are some way behind the top European teams who can pay higher wages. The wage cap is damaging the ladies game as our teams cant compete with the top European clubs thanks to the fa wage cap.

        The wage was brought in to stop Chelsea and City being successful and to help the press/media favourite teams in red

  4. Could have guessed a load of dinosaurs would be in here moaning about mens game and running down the womens game. No one cares what you think. Millions of us have been enjoying the womens games go back to your caves.

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