Ramsgate branch of Royal British Legion goes into county administration

Ramsgate RBL branch member Mark Stanford with the standard and his son (Sea Cadets are not connected to the RBL)

The Ramsgate branch of the Royal British Legion has been put in county administration for a second time in just months following a flurry of resignations.

Members were told the news in a email from the RBL county chairman.

The branch is now considered as ‘non-compliant’ due to the exit of the Branch secretary and treasurer.

In a letter to members it says: “An urgent meeting of (the) County Executive Board has been held and it was agreed that (Ramsgate) branch will enter County Administration with immediate effect.”

The action means Ramsgate branch officers and committee have been stood down with branch funds, documents and property to be forwarded to county officials “for safe keeping until processes can be completed for the branch to again become compliant.”

The Ramsgate RBL Club in Cliff Street remains open for business.


  1. I don’t know much about British Legion Clubs but I guess to be a member you have to of been in the armed forces! If that is the case can the membership not be opened up to the general public?

  2. I love all these “clubs” with their silly rules.

    “ The branch is now considered as ‘non-compliant’ due to the exit of the Branch secretary and treasurer.”

    They should have a management team in place and not the old fashioned duo of roles needed to keep running.

    “Motion seconded”


    We need to seriously modernise this country.

    Same in Houses of commons where you can lie lie lie but you can’t call someone out as a liar.

    These antiquated rules and pomp were not set up for society today and were not set up to attract new people. They are purposefully standoffish to keep outsiders out.

    Modernise and survive. They do so much good work and are wonderful they just need to make sure younger and different members want to join. It’s true of many of these older organisations

  3. Blimey that’s been a club so long !! I guess it fell out of fashion. We don’t really have decent community social clubs anymore . It’s a pity

  4. I held my Birthday Party there last year. The catering was fantastic, the cake was beautiful. Not many members in though. With a proper committee it could revert back to what it was almost 40 years ago, and even since then members filled the place on a Saturday.

    • I live in Margate now , But i was born in Ramsgate, I was a cab driver like my Dad was . I used to pick up clients from that club weekends . It was always busy in the 1980s , Some were great character’s .

  5. Unless they change the model and the dinosaurs at the top things will never change, Margate was the same, as soon as the club went the support went and it was fully opened to civilians, which spoilt it, wrong crowd just wanting a cheap beer. Margate went the same way as Ramsgate a few years ago, nows it’s run out of a pub, personally never seen the welfare side of support offered by this branch, used to be compulsory to have a welfare officer as one of the main positions.

  6. RBL Branches and RBI Clubs are separate entities and therefore operate independently of each other.
    Readers should note that,as stated in the Press,the Ramsgate RBL CLUB remains open.

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