The Royal Fish Bar opens in Ramsgate’s Harbour Street after complete refurb

Meriem and Ozy are welcoming customers to the refurbished food outlet

A Ramsgate fish bar has had a full refurbishment and regained its five star rating after the property owners took the site back under their control.

The former Harbour Fish Bar on Harbour Street was shut down by Thanet council with a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order in February due to contamination risks.

The takeaway had been run by a tenant for eight years but now Ishak Ozyurt – best known as Ozy – and wife Meriem have taken back control and are determined to supply good food to residents and visitors.

The couple, who have been together for 17 years, were in Turkey when they received news that Thanet council had shut the food venue down.

Dad-of-four Ozy said: “When we left there was a five star food hygiene rating. Then I got a phone call that the council had shut it down and so we came back and found out that while we were gone the food hygiene rating had gone to one.

“We started a complete refurbishment in February and finished on July 20. Everything is new, floors, furniture, fryers, everything. Now we plan to build up the business.”

The overhaul, where the couple took on a lot of the work themselves, includes a new screened, private table area.

The five star hygiene rating has been restored.

Ozy has been in the food business since 1974 and came to Thanet in 1985, opening SeaFresh in King Street and then moving to the M&M site, a former hairdressers also in King Street which Ozy renovated, before moving to Harbour Street in around 2007.

He said of the reopening: “Business has been good. We serve good food, we only serve what we eat ourselves, if we cannot eat it our customers are not served it.”

The takeaway and eat-in venue has now been renamed The Royal Fish Bar. Meriem said: “We are also doing veggie burgers and sausages. The chicken nuggets and all our food are cooked fresh and we love seeing our customers.”

The couple, who say they enjoy working together, are planning to have a new shop front and signs installed.

The Royal Fish Bar, at 39 Harbour Street, was officially reopened by Ramsgate mayor Raushan Ara last Wednesday (July 20).


    • Plus it would mean leaving the house and getting out in the real world where you may be attacked at every turn!

  1. It would be nice for a change to see the mayor of Ramsgate campaigning to get the public toilets open in the town center

  2. mervin – have you read the thanet extra today ? might be one for the blinkered on this sceptic isle ?

  3. The front of the shop doesnt got in with the area.

    Isnt it a conservation area ?

    The gordy blue looks horrible and unfinshed and not in keeping with the rest of the street. Still looks abit shabby to be honest.

  4. If you read it properly u will see they do intend to redo the outside, probably need to get the money rolling in after the thousands spent doing the inside, anyway good food comes forst

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