Thanet teens on a mission to raise funds for Diversity UK

The Thanet youngsters raising funds and awareness for Diversity UK

A team of 15 Thanet youngsters are holding fundraising events this week for Diversity UK.

The group, aged between 15 and 17, will complete a sponsored walk tomorrow (July 27) undertaking a stretch of just under 12K along the Viking Coastal Trail.

On Thursday (July 28) the teens are hosting a children’s activity day at Margate Caves.

The event runs from noon until 4.30pm and is open to the public. Tickets are £3, children aged 4 and under get in for free.

The events are part of the National Citizen Service Summer 2022 Programme.

Team Member Charlotte Roberts, 17, from Westgate, said: “For our social action project we are doing a sponsored walk on Wednesday and a small children’s activity day at Margate Caves on Thursday.

“We are raising money and awareness for Diversity UK which is an equality charity that aims to research, advocate and promote ideas for improving diversity and inclusion in Britain.

“We chose Diversity UK because we wanted a charity that includes everyone as we are a pretty diverse group. Not only is it a cause we all believe in but something we feel represents us as a young group of people and what we would like to see more of in the world and our future.”

Find the team’s Gofundme page here

Group members

-Jack Beeston

-Charlotte Roberts

-Evelyn Munsch

-Laura Neame

-Harvie Sandwell

-Erica Cousins

-Tanya Viokolo

-Jefferey Akinleye

-Ruslans Beinarovics

-Paige Siddall

-Izzy Southgate

-Chyna Smith

-Tell Winsbury

-Finley Upton-Dack

-Stan Gadd


  1. Yes I thought that too ! 5km/ 3 miles is hardly very taxing is it ! And a walk and not a run either . Hmm .Not impressed .
    There was a time in my running days when I wouldn’t have got out of bed just to do a 5km training run .
    I’d have only just got warmed up at that stage of a run .

  2. They are kids doing a couple of positive events as part of their NCS programme. They could spend their time brawling on the beach or assaulting people in alleyways but are putting on the activity afternoon and doing a walk instead. I don’t think they deserve these comments.

  3. As being apart of this group i would just like to let you know that we have had to plan, promote, and execute our small plan in just 2 days as well as raise all of the money that we can. We are actually walking 11Km almost 12 if you’d like me to be pedantic. There are many hidden diversity’s within our group and as young people just trying to help a charity we do not deserve these negative comments. If it were us drinking or doing drugs you’d moan about that too. Allow us to do our best and expand further in the future.

    • Hi Charlotte, you did say 5km to me but I will alter the article now you have provided the correct distance. Good luck, I’m happy to promote teens doing something positive

        • The youngster I spoke to said 5K and as I am not clairvoyant 5K is what was written. I updated when the youngster posted her comment. Are you this rude in every day life or just when on a keyboard?

  4. if you would like to explain to me how you think human rights is a POLITICAL issue then i would be happy to listen. you clearly have never faced discrimination during your long hard life so maybe step off your high horse and appreciate teens actually contributing to society rather than sitting on their phones projecting their insecurities like you are 😘

  5. My daughter is part of this group there is really no need for any of these comments these kids are just trying to complete something that will benefit them in the future they were given 2 days to organise promote and execute an event whilst trying to raise some money for a charity so give them a break and grow up

  6. Unfortunately there are people who comment here who seem never to see anything in a positive light.

      • Someone (possibly me) said you have absolutely no moral authority.
        So wind in your neck. Or join these young people in their 12k walk.

        Well done, and good luck, to all concerned.

        • Apart from the fact that (a) they haven’t announced the start time or route, and (b) haven’t sent out an open invitation to strangers, I have far better things to do with my time doing a much longer walk elsewhere. Of course an-Andrew, you’re welcome to get up from behind your keyboard and get outside yourself.

  7. For Goodness sake! Leave these young people alone and let them do something positive, what is the matter with you all???

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