Police assist after open top bus incident in Broadstairs

The top deck windscreen clipped a building in Albion Street Photo Brendan Martin

Stagecoach’s open top bus was damaged this morning (July 26) after the top deck windscreen collided with a building in Albion Street, Broadstairs.

No serious injuries were reported. Kent Police assisted with traffic management until the bus was moved.

Photo Brendan Martin

A spokesperson for Stagecoach South East said: “We can confirm that one of our vehicles was involved in an incident in Broadstairs this morning where a bus was involved in a minor collision with a building.

“Safety in our communities is paramount to us and we are carrying out an investigation into the circumstances.”

Kent Police added: “Kent Police was called following a report of a collision involving a bus at 10.25am. Officers assisted in traffic management. No serious injuries were reported.”



  1. Surely Stagecoach should have taken measurements before using a bus of this type down this narrow street

    • I expect that, in common with so many drivers, rather than wait for a vehicle coming in the opposite direction to pass safely, the bus driver used the pavement as a temporary extra but of road.
      Who can tell?

  2. Having driven for East Kent for many years, it’s crazy to put a double decker on that route.
    When driving a Bus along Albion Street you use the pavement more than the road Phyllis.

    • He might have swerved to avoid car coming down there fast , I have seen that happen on many occasions s , need traffic calming ?

  3. Looking at the photo, I would suggest that the bus driver swerved onto the pavement to avoid an impatient driver going up the hill….Bus drivers are very aware of the dimensions of their vehicles and are well qualified…

    • I was going to say much the same. I will lay money on the bus driver trying to make room for an impatient (van?) driver coming the other way and had not noticed the overhanging building.

    • In the highway code it say’s you should give way to vehicles coming up an hill, so perhaps it was the bus driver who was impatient & not following the rules of the road, as usual.

  4. Thats a proper fail, dont worry it will be on a FailArmy video type site soon.

    Could have been much worse, thankfully not.

  5. ok then – can anybody show me where in the highway code it says its acceptable to drive up on the public footpath ie = pavement ?

  6. Have you ever driven a Bus real world. I think you are correct Rob, it is narrower now. If car drivers gave a Bus a little more consideration that would help, they should try getting around Thanet in something that’s over 8ft wide by 36ft long. I have always said It’s crazy to put a double decker on that route.

    • John my husband Disco😀 says impatient driver coming into town , never seen a bus driver drive on pavement down there !

    • You can get a smaller open top bus, its stupid to let that big bus anywhere in Broadstairs Town,
      At least they’ve had a Joke by calling it the 69 Bus.

  7. Busses or large vehicles should not be allowed to use this road its rediculous, there is hardly enough room to walk along this narrow road without all the traffic.

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