Plans for 20mph speed limit on 44 roads in Margate

20mph proposal

A consultation has opened on a 20mph traffic order which will cover 44 roads in the Salmestone Ward area, surrounding the QEQM Hospital area.

The consultation opened today (July 22) and runs until noon on August 15.

Kent County Council says the reason for the speed limit zone is: “In recent years the demand for the implementation of 20mph schemes had been increasing in response to both local and national campaigns, therefore Kent County Council is intending to implement 20mph Public Health Schemes in the following location, in Margate, Thanet.

“In addition, the various restrictions are to:

  • Avoid the danger to persons or other traffic using the road or any other road or for preventing the likelihood of any such danger arising
  • For preserving or improving the amenities of the area through which the road runs.”

The reduction to the current speed limit from 30mph to 20mph will be on:

For their entire length 

Alexandra RoadBeatrice RoadBuckingham RoadChannel Road
Chapel Hill CloseClive RoadConnaught GardensConnaught Road
Continental ApproachCrossways AvenueDene WalkDrapers Avenue
Drapers CloseElmley WayEnterprise RoadEnterprise Way
Farley RoadGiles GardensGladstone RoadGordon Road
Helena AvenueHolly CloseLister RoadMarlborough Road
Nash Court GardensNash Court RoadNash LaneOast Court
Payton ClosePerkins AvenueRowe CloseSalmestone Road
St Andrews CloseSt Annes GardensSt Augustines AvenueSt Peters Footpath
Strasbourg StreetThe GreenfinchesTivoli BrooksTivoli Road
Ulster RoadYoakley Square

College Road: From its junction with Ramsgate Road to its junction with Hartsdown Road.

St Peters Road: Side road fronting properties 59 to 135 from its junction with Lister Road to its junction with St Peters Road.

The order area covers more than 1,000 homes.

Cllr Barry Lewis

Labour county councillor for Margate, Barry Lewis, said: “Following the success of the 20mph speed limit at Margate sea front I am delighted the county council is proposing to now have a 20mph limit around the hospital area which will protect families and their pets.”

To comment on the proposal go to:


    • Busy through routes should not be subject to 20 mph restrictions, if there is a danger than design in road safety instead.

      • Margate and Ramsgate Roads are among the most dangerous in the Country for casualties yet despite calls for safety measures over the years, KCC highways boss refuses to make any alterations, not even to traffic light sequencing to give pedestrians a chance to cross the 40 MPH section at the Enterprise Road junction. It’s about time they were shamed into doing something !

  1. Hear, Hear Robster! I was brushed by a car when out on my bike on Margate Road, Wednesday, but I would like to see all main roads made 20mph, especially Boundary Road, Ramsgate!

  2. Hear, Hear Robster! I was brushed by a car when out on my bike on Margate Road, Wednesday, but I would like to see all main roads made 20mph, especially Boundary Road, Ramsgate!

  3. “Following the success of the 20mph speed limit at Margate sea front I am delighted the county council is proposing to now have a 20mph limit around the hospital area which will protect families and their pets.”

    Wonder how they measure the success? Has there been less incidents involving vehicles since implementation?

    • If people want their pets to be safer , should they not prevent cats from being free roaming? Reductions are all well and good but does nothing to deal with those who will ignore the limits. How about some concerted ANPR campaigns to get illegal vehicles and drivers off the road?

    • Why not 10 MPH or just ban cars completely, make owning a car unacceptable like smoking.
      Personally I am extremely glad that Ramsgate Road was left out of the scheme, I think the 20mph is sensible around schools for a limited time at the beginning and end of the school day, but for normal through roads it is fairly ridiculous.

      • Through roads as you call them are places people live, and pedestrians need to be protected from speeding vehicles

      • I think driving private cars unnecessarily should be unacceptable. The mass use of private cars has really damaged society.

  4. Robster, I tried to get ramsgate road into the scheme but this was refused by kcc. I had a choice, to carry on with the 44 roads or withdraw my proposal entirely. I chosed the former option

    • I live in St Peter’s Road that continues into Margate but this road has not been included. Why? It is now used by people driving far in excess of 30 mph, huge HGV lorries forcing traffic to illegally mount the pavements to negotiate passing. Why was this road left off because we are going to ask for it to be included. It is preposterous to deal with this road on one side but not the other which will result in drivers leaving the 20mph limit to accelerate down our road. This road includes 2 care homes and a nursery….how could it have been left off?

      • Agreed! The whole stretch of St Peters Road from QEQM to it’s junction with Victoria Rd should be included.

        • Barry, as this is still at the “consultation” stage we need this included. T
          We are considering raising a petition from residents. Do KCC accept paper ones?

    • Shame Barry, that’s where almost ALL of our accidents happen!
      It should be re-considered by the KCC, as it’s an accident BLACK SPOT!

  5. This will make a massive difference in Drapers Close. So many morons that work/visit Yoakley House use it like a race track. Speed, along with shocking parking in the road, is a massive concern. There is a black open backed 4X4 parked on a blind bend (and double yellow lines) every day. It’s only a matter of time before another accident happens with the speed people are going. Very welcome news!

  6. Seesee, no reported accidents on sea front since implemented 20miles scheme in 2020

      • “There has been many” dates please , data please, my information comes from official data regarding REPORTED accidents.

        • A lot of small prangs are not reported to the police ,normal people just inform their insurance company ,so would not show on police figures,people on the road where I live ,tried to get traffic calming put in ,but we’re told ,it would take a death ,before KCC or Tdc would even think about it ,the next day the road was closed to an accident, bet it a councillor lived in it ,they would be in place

          • Interestingly the traffic calming measures that were implemented. in Acol were only done in the street where the village parish councillor lives . Strange that eh !
            That’s a fact as is that we wanted the calming measures to be done also in Crispe Rd , Plumstone Rd , and Margate Hill but it didn’t happen , yet it was done in The Streete , Acol , outside the parish councillors house
            I let those facts speak for themselves .

  7. I live on Beatrice road and fully support any measures that make the road and others in the area more safe. That said though, I believe the impact is that rather than drive 30-40 in a 30, people would drive 20-30 in a 20 but I have my doubts whether the difference will be much.

    Making the corner of Beatrice more difficult to turn, forcing a slow down and removing visibility of the lights from the far end would make more difference, plus enforcement by way of cameras.

  8. Most of this is pathetic where it is difficult to reach above 20 mph on most of the named roads already. Try enforcing the current 30mph limit on St Peter’s Road past the old main entrance to QEQM instead, a regular spot for speeding dangerously

    • Ton, again this was a road I included in my original proposal but rejected by kcc.I promise to keep trying to get more roads in Margate included in future schemes

  9. It won’t work.
    Cyclists have to be aware of cars ie looking behind them before pulling out to pass parked vehicles.
    Most people on bikes seem to think that they have priority on the roads THEY DON’T.
    Drivers should also be aware of cyclists, COME ON PEOPLE TRY USING A BIT OF COMMON SENSE.
    Also drive according to the road.

    • In common with many road users, you confuse “20 mph speed limit” with “20 mph at least”
      20 mph limit means that, even in the most ideal of circumstances, on a dry road, good visibility, few hazards, you may not exceed 20 mph.
      In most circumstances, damp road, parked cars, pedestrians about, poor visibility, your speed should be much less.

  10. Make it everywhere-sick of people driving like lunatics & crashing/skidding/near misses every day. Also prosecute these idiots on their motorbikes without silencers & the boy racers & sometimes girls on those stupid e scooter things that you cannot hear, until they are right behind you on the pavement.

  11. How are they going to police it ,speed cameras on every road ,noone keeps 20mph on the sea front roads,will cyclists and electric scooters been done ,NO, cyclists will carry on as before,, jumping red lights speeding ,going up the one-way road the wrong way ,the amount of pedestrians that walk out on to the road hoping vehicle’s can stop ,don’t state on idiots on their phone ,car drivers pedestrians etc

  12. I fail to see how you could reach 20mph on some of those roads! My road, straight, for about 1/4 mile, with a school at the end, nothing!
    Letter to local councillor didn’t even warrant a reply!
    Let’s see what happens when a child is injured or worse!

  13. How about extending this 20 mph limit to Acol ,where the so called traffic calming measures implemented approx 3 yrs ago have hardly made any difference and many people disrespectfully are treating going through the village as a racetrack .
    Also where is the Acol village PCSO when all of this on a daily basis is going on , in fact they don’t even turn up to Acol village parish council meetings to update the village on things of interest , so what’s the point of them ?
    We never see any Police in Acol , the only time we do is when they’re tearing through the village with their sirens on which mostly isn’t needed .

    • Absolutely Rockstar, these morons that constantly race through the village should be caught and have their cars and bikes crushed, we’ve actually got one of them living in the village, hurtling around in his stupid little car or his Chelsea tractor, can’t remember the last time I saw a report/update in the Acol Parish minutes.

      • Hi Buck , Like a lot of other residents living in Acol ,you was probably issued recently with a flyer to put on your property asking people driving through the village to out of respect to the villagers and pedestrians to reduce their speed to 20 MPH . This was a polite request by not legally enforceable !
        You had to pay for a flyer if you wanted more than one of them
        These flyers are on several properties around the village .of Acol
        I’m out walking my dog every day and I have observed that this campaign has NOT made any difference at all to the speeds of drivers bombing through the village as a rat run
        There’s no pavement on Crispe Road and yet when traffic is near me as I walk my dog where am I supposed to go to move out of the way ?
        Last summer I walked out of the way of a car coming from behind me and I stepped into a small lay-by with my small dog only for some inpatient moron who swung round the corner from The Streete , Acol , into Crispe Rd and didn’t stop and give way and instead drove through the lay-by where I was standing !
        I had to jump very quickly into someone’s front garden pulling my dog with me for safety with
        otherwise this could have ended up very badly .
        I was quite shook up afterwards by this close shave

        • You say the car was coming from behind you. If you are silly enough to walk on the left, you will never see traffic. Try walking on the right hand side and you will see whatever is coming.
          The responsibility is equally yours.

          • Idiot .I was walking back home with my dog from Acol recreation park along Crispe Road towards the Acol village Green
            The car coming from behind me was coming from the Brookesend end of Crispe Road
            Crispe Road has no pavement on any point of the length of it .
            So do you suggest that I walk back home , backwards with my dog on its lead whilst looking out for any cars possibly coming a mile down the road ?
            Think about it before leaving your stupid comments .

  14. Great to see residential side roads included in this proposal, this is where people live and park and children walk to go to school, the proposal needs to include other areas of Thanet eg all the roads running parallel with Athelstan Road (which already has a 20mph limit) up as far as Palm Bay.

    However not to include the main through roads across Thanet, these are used to get to places and there is no need to make peoples journeys take longer than they already do.

    It is important to use the lower limit intelligently, targeted where needed, and not as a blanket applied everywhere “because it can be done” – must balance with needs of road users too.

      • It’s a well-known fact that the only “road users” are those who’ve paid their road tax.
        That doesn’t include cyclists nor pedestrians.

        • Well, there are no road users then as road tax doesn’t exist, so you can’t be paying it, it is just a fantasy some motorists have. Winston Churchill abolished it as he thought it would encourage motorists to think they own the road – he got that right.

    • Nash road is going to be reduced to 30 miles a hour speed limit in the near future,watch this space

    • Part of Nash Road is actually National Speed Limit of 60mph. This should never have been allowed in the first place and should always have been 30mph for the entire length in my opinion. Saying that, there are many who do not observe the 30mph end by the old farm shop. Traffic lights there, similar to the set up along Minnis Road under the railway bridge would be good there and would stop the speeders.

  15. I ,hope that the lovers of this ,will not mind more traffic jams as vehicle’s are held up more fumes ,more asthma attacks ,I know this because I am asthmatic,this happens now ,will be worse with 20mph ,All it really needs is drivers of any sort of vehicle,two of more wheels ,pedestrians etc ,to watch what they are doing,yes sometimes accidents do happen ,that is why they are called accidents ,under any conditions on the road

    • They are no longer called “accidents”, because usually they’re not. They’re called Road Traffic Collisions”
      Though “negligents ” might be better.

  16. 20 MPH speed limit means just that ,no one will still to it ,put up camera’s on Street lights listed ,they don’t even have to work ,because no one will know if they are real,you will see cars will automatically cut their speed just in case, try it ,it works ,

  17. Problem with all this ,you have people who drive and like cars ,the anti car brigade,who wish to take everything back to the middle ages,it doesn’t matter ,the car is here to stay,in all it forms ,people need to move about,public transport is completely useless, this week stagecoach,said it wants to do away with routes ,so even more car journeys,people need to behave and act properly

    • I am one of “the anti-car brigade”. A considerable reduction in private car use would not “take everything back to the middle ages”- just as well, as I don’t think anyone would want that.

      What’s needed is much better public transport.

      • Unfortunately Marva public transport is not the answer, those single braincell morons that drive at high speed through our streets are not going to be taking the bus.

          • Marva, this article is about reducing speeding on our roads, how will public transport stop those that want to speed from speeding 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • Public transport is poor because to many people have been conned into believing that spending £1000s on a private car every year is a better option.

    • It’s not being ‘anti car’ the cars aren’t the problem, it’s the morons behind the wheel that thinks it’s ok to drive on our roads, town or village, at rediculas speeds that has created this problem, people have just had enough of it.

    • No.
      “Speed limits are designed for motor vehicles. Rule 124 of the Highway Code sets limits for various vehicles, which MUST be complied with. Bicycles are not included.”
      However, a cyclist can be charged with “cycling furiously”

      • Surly the rules of the highway code should not be broken by ANY vehicle/forms of transport on a public road.

        • Even at my most athletic, I would’ve seriously struggled to cycle at over 20 mph for more than a few minutes (during my regular 40-50 mile cycle rides a few years back, I probably averaged no more than 12 mph).

          As for electric scooters, I believe they’re actually illegal in Thanet – and if they were allowed, then they’d probably be included alongside other motorised transport (cars, motorcycles, etc).

          • Electric scooters are illegal in Thanet.
            Where there are trial schemes (Canterbry, for example) the max speed is 15 mph.

  18. Nethercourt hill and High street St. Lawrence 50mph is the norm outside rush hour times,just check how many times the Nethercourt circus roundabout has been hit

  19. When The Salmestone Ward Residents Association contacted Cllr Lewis three years ago and asked him to look at traffic calming and road safety, we did not have any 20 mph limits. After an overwhelming response in favour of traffic calming, Cllr Lewis has set about slowly achieving changes.
    I am sure that he would be the first to admit that that it has been a slow process and I fully understand the disappointment that people have expressed regarding areas that have not been covered, however if this scheme is successful we can strive to get more roads included.
    I am a car driver and still very much enjoy using my car, however I value life and the safety of children in the community even more.
    Our roads are a lifeline for many in the community whether it is in a vehicle or any other mode of transport, and common kindness and thoughtfulness for other road users should be our mantra, unfortunately these are often in short supply.
    So for those who feel put out that they have to drive slowly, just remember it could be your member of family who is hurt or killed.
    For those that are disappointed that their roads are not covered, please be patient, if we can make this work then we have a strong case for increasing the area.
    On behalf of SWRA, my thanks to Cllr Lewis for achieving this much so far.

  20. It’s commendable for safety reasons , but let’s not forget “EXCEEDING THE SPEED ” money spinner !

  21. Colin, less serious accidents means less strain on nhs, police, coroners the cost of a road death can cost up to £1 million in inquests , police time, lost time for general public road closures. Not to mention the human suffering of the said family and friends. 20 miles limits saves lives, that’s what it all about

  22. I take your point but it will not be a “money spinner” but rather a life saver if people drive correctly

  23. Cyclists should not retake a car that has already passed them, I.e. at trafficlights or junctions they should join the waiting line of traffic.

  24. I give way to cyclists and pedestrians,at junctions but still get abuse from pedestrians when giving way to cyclists and vice versa,not counting abuse from traffic drivers by giving way ,this includes motor cyclists car van bus and some lorry drivers ,but in this case not many lorry drivers ,just the odd one , everyone is to blame drivers pedestrians ,and a lot of them who think a vehicle can stop on a sixpence even at 20 mph

  25. You can place signs of “20” mph. You can paint yellow lines. You can have a person outside a school with a big lollipop asking to stop and give way. But these signs and warnings will never stop the moron will that break these rules. If you have a young child coming out of school. Hold there hand if it means being forceful just do it. Your a parent teach them the high way code. If you have a pet teach them home is where the heart ❤️ is. Any problem with my comment please send message to my in box xx

  26. Given the response over the last few days,the local community quite clearly have strong views on road safety locally.
    Over the next few months the community need to lend their voice to enabling Cllr Lewis to keep up the momentum.
    Whether you are a car driver, a bike rider,a car driver, or pedestrian,we all have to work together to achieve safer roads in our community.

  27. “20s plenty” works in many parts of the country. The A1 has a 20 mph for its Inner London part. The two real arguments are that if you are stopped whilst exceeding the limit you will be assumed to be guilty and more importantly if you’re struck by a car doing 18mph you’ll probably survive. If you’re struck by one doing 80 mph you probably won’t!

  28. At least one of the roads is a private road that is approx 50m long and surfaced with gravel.Can you put a limit on a private road? Several others are cul-de-sacs.How do you police them? Whoever is proposing this should get out of their office and look at the actual roads, instead of just looking at maps.

  29. Lewis is so out of touch with the electorate. Reducing the speed limit won’t change the driving behaviour and in many situations it’s been more dangerous or has had no effect at all. There’s a reason KCC has left off many many roads from his list, because Lewis is on a so called power trip trying to prove an invalid point. He’s been told that by KCC officers that his “life saving” ideas are nothing more than a waste of tax payers money. Which he also wastes and donates to national charity.

    Lewis, I had the unfortunate situation of being stuck behind you along Margate sea front, right up to the Nash Court junction where you turned off, and in the 20mph roads you exceeded that doing about 30mph with your little red rose on the back of your car. Why do you think it’s acceptable to push for this when you don’t even follow your own policy you’re trying to get put in place! How is that fair to the residents of Thanet? Typical labour.

  30. If the poor parking and build up of litter continues outside Salmestone school to coffin corner no one will be able to drive walk or cycle along that scum area anyway. Councillor Lewis sort the rubbish out and the weeds.

  31. Is there a law that the speed limit has to be divisible by ten? Surely there are places where 25, 35 etc would be more appropriate?

  32. Barry Lewis told me that ‘there would have to be a fatality in order for something to be done about reducing speed (on Addiscome Road)’
    Then proceeded totally for an hour about however closed a walkway for draper’s mill primary school access amd ignored my pleads for more support to stop speeding down past the park where I have seen car crashes, bikers hit, animals killed and my biggest fear that a child or adult will be hurt. He ignored further calls after a driver smashed two cars and two residential fences on the same road and seems to have forgotten Addiscombe Road yet here with his new campaign.
    Please can I have some answers as to why someone has to be hurt in order for this to be taken seriously???

  33. Kent county council policy (Tory). Need support from your local residents association to contact their local councillor.this is why Salmestone is being considered. Drapers mill school asked me to mitigate dangerous situation around their school. In wales the Labour government is making new policy where there will be a default 20 miles speed limit so roads like yours would automatically become 20 miles speed limit not 30. Unfortunately the present English government does NOT believe in this policy

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