Gas pipe repair works on Marine Terrace causing traffic backlogs

Repair works in Marine Terrace Photo John Horton

Gas pipe repair works being carried out by SGN on Marine Terrace in Margate are  expected to last until July 26.

Temporary traffic lights have been installed outside Dreamland and traffic is

Motorists say it is causing “seafront chaos” with slow moving traffic. Other routes are also experiencing backlogs along the Canterbury Road, both ways around Marine Drive (Clock Tower Junction) and congestion in surrounding streets.


  1. Yes once again why the gas company decide to do this now at the start of Margate’s summer season could it not have been done all later in the year why is it being done now
    ? nobody around that area uses gas can the company tell people why.

  2. It’s not just the congestion, around the seafront,again I live very close to the hospital,and the traffic ,is once again horrendous,it can ages just to get off my drive,when filming Empire of Light,it was known to take 20 mins just to go a hundred metres ,around the hospital area ,emergency crews have a hell of a time ,when this happens,SGN don’t care of think about it

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