Thanet properties to go under the hammer- including Grade II listed former Ramsgate council home (again)

Thanet properties being auctioned

Thanet has a number of lots at an up-coming auction, including a four storey house in Ramsgate with sea views that sold under the hammer last year for £245,000.

The end-terrace property at 18 Albert Street has three bedrooms, a basement and outside toilet.

Clive Emson auction appraiser Jon Rimmer said: “It might be possible to convert the basement into a self-contained flat, as long as all necessary consents are obtainable.

“It is situated close to the Ramsgate Royal Marina and town centre but is in need of improvement.

“The sea views are a really attractive feature and we anticipate interest in it from a variety of potential owners.”

The freehold guide price is £220,000-plus.

Since the 1980s 18 Albert Street was a shared ownership property, one of Thanet District’s Council’s first. The property is within a conservation area.

In 2020 the leaseholder passed away and Thanet District Council bought the leaseholders’ shares.

The property was in need of complete renovation when it went on the market last year.

During a council meeting, where a decision to sell the property was approved, Green councillor Tricia Austin requested a stay to look at options of retaining and refurbishing the site because of its listed status and close proximity to Addington Street, an area she described as ‘becoming Ramsgate’s Old Town” with potential for cultural facilities. However, this was not granted.

Grade II listed Ramsgate council home sold at auction for £245k

Another lot in Broadstairs is a freehold block of three flats currently let at £18,393.60 per annum.

They are situated at 11 Ramsgate Road in a four-storey block close to Viking Bay, shops and railway station.

Jon added: “This is a fine investment opportunity and the freehold guide price is £440,000-plus.”

Another Ramsgate lot consists of two flats at 128 King Street. Both require completing although most of the work has been done.

The freehold guide price is £175,000-185,000.

Also at the sale is 22 Trinity Square in Margate, a freehold block of four flats currently let at £19,260 pe annum.

The freehold guide price is £290-300,000.

One further lot is Flat 3 The Lodge, Salts Drive, Broadstairs, a two bedroom flat for refurbishment with a freehold guide price of £160-180,000.

Clive Emson Auctioneers holds auctions eight times a year.  This sale will be held on Wednesday, July 28.


  1. you sometimes forget what a dump ramsgate is until you see a series of photos of the derelict properties that we live amongst

    • Ramsgate certainly is not a dump. Can’t you stop saying these ridiculous things, “Real world”? Are you trying to be funny? Because you’re not . Your comments are offensive and untrue.

  2. Your councillors did this.. Yep and now up for auction due to no money to repair or maintain I’m sick and tired of no repair or maintain funds.. Should ask the mayor for all 40 year precepts as MARGATE ISNT WITH COUNCIL.. NOR GARLINGE NOR CLIFTONVILLE NOR SALMESTONE… WHERE IS THE MONEY MAYOR

  3. Some bargains available for someone with the will to refurbish these magnificent old buildings.

  4. All the money goes on the traverllers down the port of Ramsgate, they have been there well over a year now ,how much has this cost the tax payers

  5. You can tell theyre Council properties because like everything the Council touches its neglected.
    You only have to look at litter, roadsweeping and graffiti.Quite possibly the worst Council in the UK.

  6. Don’t be ridiculous: this costs the council next to nothing (hiring a few toilets and that’s about it) which is necessary only because Thanet doesn’t have a designated site for Travellers. Funny how some people always take aim at those in society who live in a different way…

    • “Thanet doesn’t have a designated site for Travellers”? There is a caravan/campsite Nethercourt Touring Park in Ramsgate that charges £25+ a night for “Travellers” Caravans/Motorhomes & is open all year round for those who wish to live in a different way in society – I also pay £500 a year storage for my caravan are you saying I could park it there for free all year? Thanks I will look into this.

  7. by name i would have thought a traveller travels – they have been parked there for months , surely this is the wrong description of these individuals ?

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