Invite for older people to take part in short project at Discovery Planet

Discovery Planet HQ

Older people invited to take part in an exciting short project in Ramsgate

People aged 65 and over are being invited by the University of Kent and Discovery Planet to take part in an exciting short project on Wednesday, July 13.

All will receive a warm welcome at the Discovery Planet Shop and light refreshments will be available.

One people are settled in, a team of researchers from the University will explain how they are conducting research into the design of local health and wellbeing services for older people.

They’ll show participants how to use a small camera, which can then be taken away to use as people go about their daily lives.

From the photographs, which the team will later collect and develop, researchers will be able to gain insights into what is important to older people locally. These insights could be used to feed into decision making about the sort of services which should be made available. Those taking part will get to learn more about the research going on at the university, and how to get involved in the future.

At the end of the session participants will receive a shopping voucher by way of a ‘Thank You’ for taking part.

The session will take place at the Discovery Planet Shop, 47 High Street Ramsgate, CT11 9AG, on Wednesday, July 13, from 1pm to 3pm. Transport can be arranged if needed.

If you’d like to find out more or want to attend, contact Nikki Hildesley on 07887 614581 or email [email protected]


  1. We older people are easily lured by promises of light refreshments and shopping vouchers! Why not just consult us properly, give us a place on decision making bodies rather than getting some youngsters to interpret our home photos and speak for us?

    • Surely it’s a good thing that this is getting young people to genuinely engage with the elderly? Far better than them just reading this, and thinking they’re a load of humourless miseries that never stop moaning.

  2. I may have a go at this, now I am about to enter my ninth decade, if I am spared! I would like to film my using a Mobility Scooter, and the obstacle course that are Thanet’s pavements! Also, pedestrians who can’t hear my plaintive ringing of my bell, because they have their ears blocked with little white buttons! Also, tree roots that have lifted pavements at least by a foot, making it difficult to trundle! The roads are not much better!

    • Forgot! Also people who will not cut their hedges when overhanging into pavements, so people on Mobility Scooters get it in the face! I have taken to carrying secateurs with me to cut individual brambles etc, but can’t cut down a whole hedge! And don’t get me started about Bin men leaving Bins in the middle of the pavements, Duurh.

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