Two teens jailed for ‘random’ attacks in Margate

JAILED: Ethan Broderick-Porter.

Two teenagers who were behind attacks on members of the public and a police officer in Margate have been jailed.

Ethan Broderick-Porter repeatedly kicked one man in the head, punched another victim and struck a third victim to the head. He then kicked a police officer in the head as he was being arrested.

The 19-year-old, of Northdown Road, Cliftonville, was jailed for 23 months at Canterbury Crown Court on Wednesday 29 June, after admitting attempting to cause grievous bodily harm, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, assault and assaulting an emergency worker.

Charlie Parker (no photo supplied), 18, of Victoria Road, Margate, who took part in the first attack, was sent to a Young Offenders’ Institution for 10 months.

The assaults all took place on the evening of Friday 14 January, when Broderick-Porter, Parker and a group of teenagers were in Margate town centre.

Broderick-Porter ran up behind the first victim, a man in his 60s, in Queen Street and dragged him to the ground. Both he and Parker then kicked the man in the head and back, causing multiple injuries.

The pair then left the scene but Broderick-Porter later returned to Queen Street, where he punched another man who was walking along the pavement, causing a cut to the man’s face.

Broderick-Porter then punched a third man at least three times, again causing cuts to the victim’s face.

Officers attended and arrested Broderick-Porter, while a crowd gathered around them. As officers attempted to get him into a police car, he kicked one of the officers in the face, causing facial injuries. Parker was identified on CCTV and arrested a week later.

Thanet District Commander Detective Chief Inspector Matthew Smith said: “The motivation for these assaults has not been explained beyond these two offenders’ wishes for violence. The victims in this case were simply going about their business when attacked without any warning.

“Residents of Margate and visitors should not have to put up with violent, nuisance teenagers like these two offenders and I am pleased they have both now been removed from the streets.

“I would like to praise the bravery of the officers who arrested Broderick-Porter despite his actions towards them, and I am pleased a swift investigation has led to a quick conclusion of this case at court.”


  1. yet another pathetic sentence past on a complete and utter Lunatic Thug.
    If I had been his Judge, he would have got 5 years for each crime committed, with no chance of parole.

      • I am fast approaching my ninth decade Roy, and when I was young it was still possible for a judge to sentence someone to several strokes of the birch! It was a sad day when they stopped this!

    • At least they have been locked away. The sentences are no way long enough but at least these violent ferals are behind bars where they belong. Every day behind bars for thugs like these two means the rest of us are that little bit safer.
      Just waiting for Marva, Phylis, Andrew and friends to tell us how prison doesn’t work and that we would all be safer with these thugs left in our communities.

      • @concerned, there’s too much drugs being distributed on the streets everywhere, they target the young who already need something to deal with today’s changing world! I hope the police task force who deal with taking drugs cases and their dealers off the street our young can be saved.
        For this young man to have attacked victim after victim it’s obvious that he was on something!!! Jail might help and make the Police work a bit easier but let’s catch the Drug Dealers!!!

        • Too much what on the road oh best tell that old lady in her home she has too much drug taking. Even paracetamol can be dangerous if overdosed.. Lets stop selling them too much drugs on the road.
          Cancer patients best not take controlled drugs…

          Not a mention of drugs.. More about a violent attack. Sadly lots in Thanet suffer from aggression and don’t take drugs.

  2. All I can see is a lot of anger in his eyes, he’s a menace to the public and should be in jail for his protection and members of the public!! This young man needs psychological help and while he’s detained I hope someone somewhere can help him with his anger issues.. God help us all because there’s a lot angry young ppl out there!

    • I can’t see any specific emotion in Broderick-Porter’s eyes, and wonder if it’s possible to do so when looking at a photograph. There are no clues to the person’s emotion when the facial expression is neutral.

      • @Marva, it seems the pic was taken after his arrest, a mug shot, probably he was up to his “eye balls” in drugs, and yes is a very despotent look, kind of “I don’t care” !!! Remember that the “eyes are the windows of the soul” I can see a very miserable, sad young man whose life will not be the same!

  3. Little pussy will get eaten alive in jail. No scummy pals to make him feel brave & will have to fight man on man, rather than jumping people from behind in the dark.

  4. Why has parker, an 18 year old been sent to a young offenders institution. ?? Maybe the judge can publicly tell us why ??

  5. Pair of weeds wouldnt say boo to someone their own age. It wont be long before they are someones girlfriend.

  6. All I see in his eyes is Fear!

    Fear for no longer having his little gang to play up to,

    Fear for actually going to prison where there is bigger idiots than him.

    Says it all when he has to attack from behind.. pure and simple a coward.

    Well I hope he gets what he have to innocent people and a damn good kicking whilst others cheer them on!

  7. I moved to Margate 4 months ago. I watch drug deals done on the pavement in broad daylight at all times of the day, I watch cars pull up on quiet streets and a short time later a second car will pull up a short distance away, and someone will get out and go to the window for a minute or so, then both cars will leave, it is beyond obvious, yet I only ever see Police driving through in a hurry every few days. Until the dealing and using is clamped down on, this type of offending will remain common place.

  8. Steve welcome to the area, you’re Spot on!! I see this all the time and is about time we start taking Registration numbers and hand it to the police, it will be interesting what do they do with the info. These dealers are vermin who will not leave young people alone. Yes they do their leading in broad daylight and I think we have to do something about it without getting involved, it’s totally UNACCEPTABLE!!

  9. Great lock em up ! Prisoners could be required to work in agriculture production. Many are experienced growers and at selling their home grown products, so they will be ideal for agriculture production.

    All sorted then.

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