Waffles, brownies, ice cream and more added to menu at new and bigger Mr Lemonheads Candy & Dessert Store

Owner Louis with sister Sophie and head baker Kimberley

Mr Lemonheads Candy & Dessert Store opens the doors to its new, and bigger, shop in Broadstairs tomorrow (July 2) with a whole new range of tasty offerings to add to its menu.

Already a sweet heaven, Mr Lemonheads is now also offering brownies, cookies, doughnuts, ice creams, milkshakes and more.

From lemon bonbons to gelato, banana splits and loaded doughnuts, there is something for every type of sweet tooth.

Owner Louis Brown has transformed the shop from its small but sweet beginnings in St Peter’s to a feast of flavours at the new base at 132 High Street, Broadstairs and has teamed up with Daisy Cakes Of Kent for the inhouse bakery.

Team member and head baker Kimberley Lamont – of Daisy Cakes of Kent – said: “The store will still showcase a selection of traditional sweets and candies from around the world as well as baked goods such as loaded brownies, ring donuts, cookies and cupcakes, homemade ice creams, milkshakes and more!

“Mr Lemonheads Candy & Dessert Store is the only one of its kind within the county and we’re proud to share this exciting experience with the community. There will be a grand opening event that will run between 11 am – 6pm on Saturday. A ribbon-cutting celebration will kick off the opening with Louis’s two young daughters cutting the ribbon to officially open the store.

“Every customer who makes a purchase will receive free candyfloss as a way of saying thanks for the support!”

The store has also pledged to give back to the community by providing one disadvantaged family a month a chance to have a free cookie cake made for their child/ren. The family will be recommended through a partnership with “Community Kindness Thanet”.

Kimberley said: “Sonia Knight, the founder of the charity, has been delighted to deal with us and welcomed our scheme with open arms. We feel it’s important for the community to be excited by something new whilst we can provide new services and exciting products for all to try. We also provide gluten-free/dairy-free products for those with intolerances but not allergies.

“As a person with a gluten-free intolerance, I know how difficult it is to find dessert places that can cater to my needs.”

The store will be offering good including cookie dough and giant birthday cookies – pre-ordered- as well as waffles with a range of toppings.

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  1. Yep, just what Thanet needs, more obesity, don’t these people know there is an overweight/obesity epidemic in Britain, costing the NHS £Billions? Time all these shops were closed down in the national interest, and carbs, sugar, and other fattening ingredients sold like cigarettes with health warning on them!

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