Banned driver on temporary release from prison back behind bars after Ramsgate police chase

Joshua Chambers

A disqualified driver who failed to stop for police while on temporary release from prison will spend a further year behind bars.

Joshua Chambers, 29, was spotted behind the wheel of a white Citroen DS3 in the King Street area of Ramsgate, shortly after 12pm on Thursday, June 23.

Kent Police officers knew he had been banned from driving following a previous court case and indicated for him to stop by activating their lights and sirens.

Instead, Chambers accelerated away from their unmarked patrol car, exceeding the speed limit and mounting the pavement on two occasions before the pursuing officers lost sight of him.

He was arrested around 50 minutes later after officers attended an address linked to him and found him inside.

Chambers appeared before Folkestone magistrates the following day and pleaded guilty to charges of dangerous driving, driving whilst disqualified, failing to stop and driving without insurance.

He had a further 12 months added to his existing prison sentence and was disqualified from driving for an additional three years.

Detective Sergeant Jay Robinson of Kent Police said: “Joshua Chambers clearly has no respect for the law and appears unable to abide by the rules of the road, even when on temporary release from prison.

“The manner of his driving put other road users and pedestrians at serious risk of harm and he will now spend a longer period of time behind bars as a result.”


  1. these prats will never change , he will come out of the holiday camp as a fully fledged local gangster

    • I used to go into prisons as part of my job but never found the rumoured holiday camp even though I offered to put it on my visiting list if someone would tell me where it was. So please put me out of my misery and tell me where it is and when you last visited that and any other of our prisons.

  2. There’s “something ” about driving cars that appeals to the sad and insecure. Something to do with being in control when life is generally too confusing and unpredictable and unsatisfying. But, get behind the wheel of a car, drive away, go where you want, and ,suddenly, they can relax. No more worries. The world just passes by, and the problems and worries can be ignored in the rear windscreen.
    Something like that, anyway. I can imagine it, even though , like most of us, we can expect it all to go wrong!! And the problems and worries and family arguments are still there back home if you manage to get back without the Police noticing. Though this is unlikely as , many years ago, an experienced Police Sergeant confirmed to me that they know who is disqualified and who just cannot stop driving, their likely car and their likely address. So they just park up round the corner and wait.
    It’s almost sad, or funny. I’m not sure which. It’s certainly dangerous for other road users.
    What we do about it , I’m not sure, as they will always get released eventually. And , no, prisons are not like holiday camps. They are gloomy, bare, miserable places full of gloomy, miserable people. BUT, all the problems and worries that so beset the offender when he was on the out just disappear when he is inside. Almost as good as driving around!!

  3. This was an easy one for the police, but everywhere in Thanet are people, many of which are children, can be seen breaking the law, and the police do nothing about it! I mean E-Scooters, and if you see one in Thanet it is illegal! They are ubiquitous and can often be seen being ridden by children, sometimes two at a time, so why are the police not confiscating them?

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