Free events to learn how to make sure you have happy bunnies

Free rabbit care events with TAG

Thanet animal shelter TAG Pet Rescue is running free rabbit care events for anybody who is considering giving a bunny a home, or for anyone who already has a rabbit and wants to learn more about their care.

The rescue centre is currently dealing with more unwanted rabbits than ever.

The pre-bookable event will cover:

Room For Rabbits – what bunnies need in terms of space to lead happy lives, information about accommodation for rabbits and how you can be creative in working out ways to meet their needs without spending a lot of money. A hutch is certainly not enough, and the cages sold in pet shops are not suitable for a rabbit to live a happy life in.

Handling, basic preventative care and how to health check a rabbit.

Activities making rabbit toys and enrichment, using things that would normally end up in the paper recycling bin.

Additional bunny information and offers will also be available at the event courtesy of Small Pet Select and Supreme Pet Foods.

TAG sanctuary supervisor Ashen Oleander said: “We have never seen so many unwanted rabbits needing our help. Rabbits are very easy to buy but they are complicated, misunderstood animals whose needs are rarely met and often end up living unhappy lives.

“We want to use the opportunity of Rabbit Awareness Week to show how we care for the rabbits at the sanctuary, what they need in a home – whether it’s indoors or outside – and how providing what they need means the rabbits are happy and healthy.

“They are beautiful, unique creatures who have just as much love to give as a cat or dog and deserve to be treated with the same care and respect but sadly this often isn’t the case.”

The events run at the end of Rabbit Awareness Week on Saturday, July 2 and Sunday, July 3 at 11am and 12.30pm both days. It is essential that you pre-book your free slot by emailing [email protected].

TAG sanctuary is at Lydden Farm, Valley Road, Margate.

To find out more about TAG Pet Rescue, please visit:


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