Traffic build up following crash at St Lawrence

Crash at St Lawrence Photo Josh Roberts

Traffic has built up in St Lawrence following a two car crash this afternoon (June 20).

The road is partially blocked on A255 High Street St Lawrence both ways around Forge Lane.

Photo Josh Roberts

Mark Huntley, who works at the nearby motorcycle shop, heard the accident and jumped into action controlling the traffic until police arrived.

It is understood there are no injuries.


  1. Some of the stories are not worth reporting.. what next ‘man stubbs toe getting out of shower’ !? … Real journalism not this junk … just being Frank..

  2. I would rather you weren’t frank, as this news could have helped people rearrange there travel journeys.
    I suppose you would have got the Army in to control the area and ban everything you disagree.
    I get the impression this wasn’t quite good enough for you to moan about, but congratulations, you still managed đź‘Ź

    • No problem Stan .. the article is lazy crap journalism…. the item is only for a local travel report .. I’m pleased you listen to me ….. just being Frank x

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