Dispersal order put in place to combat anti-social behaviour in Broadstairs

Dispersal order Photo Thanet Police

Kent Police has implemented a 48-hour dispersal order in Broadstairs to reduce the chances of anti-social behaviour in the town during the hot weather.

The order, which came into force at 3pm today (June 16), applies in an area bordered by Lindenthorpe Road in the north, the seafront in the east, The Vale in the south and The Broadway in the west.

The order gives police additional powers to move on anyone causing a nuisance and, if necessary, to arrest those who return to the area once dispersed.

The order comes on the heels of recent incidents including a disturbance in the town this month which required the attendance of armed officers.

Reports were made of a group of youths with knives heading into the town after getting off a train. It is reported four or five people assaulted a second group and then left the scene at the seafront end of the town’s High Street at 5.07pm on Friday (June 10)..

Officers attended and a knife was located and seized. No injuries were reported at the scene but subsequent enquiries suggest one person may have suffered a minor injury.

An investigation was undertaken and three boys, two aged 16 and one aged 15, were later arrested on suspicion of a public order offence.

The  teenagers, who are all from the Sittingbourne area, were later bailed to return to a police station on Monday 4 July.

Acting Inspector Jim Woodward, of Thanet Community Safety Unit, said: “We have introduced these measures following recent reports of nuisance youths in Broadstairs town centre and a disturbance in the High Street earlier this month.

“We will take robust action against anyone whose behaviour upsets the vast majority of people who come here to enjoy the area.”

The order can be extended if deemed necessary.


  1. Should be whole of Thanet, they will just avoid Broadstairs and go to either Margate or Ramsgate

  2. Hardly downtown Detroit – Police have the powers to disperse groups of people already. This order just allows them to arrest persons retuning within 48 hours. Three 15/16 years old from Sittingbourne with one havind a knife hardly constitutes a crime wave but the real issue is the lack of any neighbourhood policing – constables on foot patrolling places and not relying on “crime cars” to respond to any reports from a chance members of the public. Under successive Tory Governments Police numbers have fallen by 40000 and PCSOs and Specials are no substitutes for having real Police Constables with extensive training and powers. We truly have a Government that is “soft on crime, soft on the causes of crime!”.

      • It’s not worth replying to them Marva, I doubt if either live in Broadstairs which is still a beautiful holiday location. These mobs from other towns causing trouble is not new and will no doubt happen again in the future, but any measures by the authorities to stop this is welcome. Incidently I have relatives who live in Bournemouth and they experience similar anti-social behaviour, so it is not just Broadstairs and hey what about the 1960s mods and rockers in Margate now that was a riot. I hope everyone has a lovely relaxing weekend in the sun, enjoy.

      • I agree crime is on the rise .. it’s dangerous both day and night.. police No go areas .. people scared .. its a shame but it will only get worst … no-one know the answer … best stay at home lock your doors and hope you are not the next target ..

    • Broadstairs is hardly a no-go area. It is still a beautiful unspoilt seaside town. The anti-social behaviour here is no different than other places – in fact it is a hell of a lot less than many other areas. Lack of patrolling police on foot is a factor and quite frankly there will always been teens like this thinking they are invincible, pushing behaviours to the limit and there will continue to be so. The addition of alcohol and easily accessible drugs do not help. Anti-social behaviour is not new. How it is dealt with – policed and punished needs changing. I live in the town and yes sometimes I see groups of teens out to cause trouble and sometimes groups that are no trouble at all.

  3. I really don’t understand these “dispersal” orders when I was in the police many years ago ( as a special Constable) we used to say to the local lads in large groups “ break it up lads move along” and they did as they were told if they kicked off which was rare they were nicked.

    • Quite correct – this power goes back to the original Metropolitan Police Act. To arrest someone who returns within 48 hours you do have to have their names and other details. Broadstairs is a very safe area. I worked in Hackney for 32 years and dealt with crime and disorder for my last 15 years – if you want to cut crime you need neighbourhood policing working closely with the council and other statutory agencies,and with the local community.

    • Years ago we had police officers, with feet on the street, who could and did do just that.
      The government decided to get rid of 22,000 police officers.
      So, as there are no hobbies in the beat, a (cheap) alternative is to institute a Dispersal Order.

  4. This sounds rather like Minority Report.

    A pre-crime unit.

    What sort of country do we live in? Dispersing orders before anyone is there just coz it’s hot???

    I thought it was the left that sold project fear.

    I’ve read some nonsense but this…. This is just creating a them and us. This is asking for trouble

  5. The local police will not do anything they are afraid of yobs.They will probably buy them icecream. The whole of thanet is now a huge drug filled hole.

        • Good grief! What’s the matter with people who have such a negative, narrow and incorrect view of the area they live in? Don’t they get out and about much, don’t they talk to people?

  6. Mary’s. If you know that then report to the police who you know is dealing drugs it’s not the police who are eyes and ears it’s the residents and always has been. Intelligent lead information is a diplomatic way of saying a member of the public has reported it. The police can only act on what they are told.

    • Bill I have reported to police many times and also got cctv evidence in my area. Police have said they are not interested as the drug dealers may be selling sweets instead of cocaine. This is thanet police for you. Afraid

  7. I live central Broadstairs and the smell of Weed being smoked is all over the town. Piermount park smells uplifting this time of year !

    • The smell of weed is common everywhere in thanet.

      You see people smoking it just walking around

  8. Mary. I’m assuming you fear everything from satanic messages in modern music, to refugees both stealing jobs at the same time as not working.

    There is a massive difference from the police not wasting their time on your reports of kids in groups (who you are assured must be dealing drugs, because that’s the way the Daily Heil has conditioned your frightened little mind) and not doing anything because they’re frightened.

    The police are lazy, ignorant and stupid, but they’re not frightened.

  9. I like it when they close the comments on here .. they don’t like free speech.. as long as you agree with the editor then type away … just being Frank:-)

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