‘Buoyant’ Thanet jobs market and recruitment for Manston immigration centre

The Manston site (image google maps)

Recruitment is underway for the Manston immigration centre with some 380 roles to fill.

The former Fire Training and Development Centre at Manston has been commandeered for use for processing those that arrive in the country seeking asylum through what the government terms ’illegal’ routes. This follows the closure of Dover’s Tug Haven short-term immigration detention facilities.

Last December the Home Office confirmed that part of the Ministry of Defence site at Manston would be a processing centre for asylum seekers.

The secure site holds people for up to five days as security and identity checks are completed. Short term initial accommodation is provided.

The Home Office says people are brought there for initial screening and processing before going onto longer term accommodation.

People who travel to the UK through safe and legal routes – such as the Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy or Afghan Citizens’ Resettlement Scheme – will not be taken to Manston.

Under the new Migration and Economic Development Partnership anyone entering the UK ‘illegally’ may be relocated to Rwanda. The first flight to Rwanda is due to go tonight (June 14) after legal challenges to stop the scheme failed.

Protesters against the policy are currently at sites including Manston. The removal policy has been condemned by numerous charities, organisations, church leaders and opposition MPS.

UPDATE: The flight to Rwanda was stopped minutes before scheduled take-off after a late intervention from the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) led to fresh challenges in the UK courts.

Thanet Job Centre’s Labour Market Recruitment Specialist has been in contact with agency Brook Street which is currently recruiting for the controversial roles at the Immigration Centre and is looking for around 80 staff.

Brook Street will be attending a JobCentre Plus Jobsfair planned for June 29 at the Jobcentre in Argyle House in Ramsgate.

Mitie is also recruiting for care and custody officers for Manston and have about 300 vacancies to fill.  Mitie will be in attendance at a JCP Jobs fair tomorrow (June 15) at Ramsgate football ground. These roles require people to have a full UK driving licence.

Thanet vacancies and job fairs

Thanet work service manager Anthony March said the isle’s labour market currently has lots of vacancies on offer.

He said: “Thanet currently has a buoyant labour market with plenty of jobs coming up in hospitality, civil service, security and health & social care to name a few.

“We have also been working with EK College and Wetherspoons to fill vacancies across both their Ramsgate and Margate sites with roles in hospitality. They held a successful recruitment day in the Argyle Centre in May and will also be joining us at the Job Fair at Ramsgate Football Ground as they still have jobs available.

“Grosvenor Casino is also recruiting and looking for croupiers to train up on site at Westwood, we held pre-screening interviews on Thursday, June 9 with 13 of our customers who attended their recruitment day yesterday (June 13) with an opportunity to start their croupier training programme.

“Employers attending the Jobsfair on Wednesday 15th June include Speciality Breads, 2gether Support Solutions, CareTech, Thanet Earth, Wetherspoons, Turning Point, BluTech, P Wave Medical, Morgan Jones and many more.”

Job Fairs  run every 2 weeks

Wednesday 15th JuneRamsgate Football Club
Wednesday 29th JuneRamsgate Argyle Centre
Wednesday 13th JulyRamsgate Argyle Centre

Anyone interested in attending needs to speak to their Work Coach in the Jobcentre.

Demonstration at Manston against asylum seeker removal flights to Rwanda

Former asylum seeker, now a Thanet councillor, slams UK plan to send ‘illegal route’ migrants to Rwanda


  1. Could this see the DCO finally being approved for Manston Airport. ?
    Of course this will bring in a lot of demonstrators to the area should the airport then be used to fly illegal migrants out of the country.

    • The amount of money needed to bring manston airport back up to standard is going to take 100’s of millions.

      So I cant see the government paying for that when Gatwick is just up the road 😉

  2. Predicted to employ twice as many as the airport ever did, so anyone who is pro-Manston because of ‘jobs’ should push for a few more immigration centres instead.

      • That might be true in the short term but not in the long term .
        I’m full in favour of the airport opening up again but I think that local people need to be realistic as to how many vacancies might be for people from this area , I base this on my first hand experience of dealing wiyh recruitment when EU Jet were formerly at Manston and people would be surprised to know that out of approx 112 staff incl flight crew , most of them were based / came from Eire & Manchester and returned back to their respective areas when EU Jet stopped flying out of Manston .
        I actually think that some of these new vacancies at Manston would possibly very suitable for the poor people from Dover & surrounding area that got shafted / made redundant recently by P& O .
        Let’s hope so !

  3. “Anyone interested in attending needs to speak to their Work Coach in the Jobcentre.”

    For the one tomorrow this article would have been handy posted early in the day…. not 5pm

    • I posted it as soon as the details were sent, which was this afternoon. I completely agree but it was out of my hands

  4. Theres nothing illegal about being a migrant, seeking asylum, being a refugee or crossing the channel.

    • Cowards are they for leaving countries like Syria ,Iraq , Afghanistan and other hell hole war torn countries and wanting a better life ? Hmm .
      I’m not happy with the channel migrant situation either but I’ve got lot more compassion for these “ cowards “ as you insensitively call them .

  5. Legal immigrants are here for a reason, illegals are here to scrounge.
    Send the scroungers back to their own Country.

  6. Why are all the jobs through agency’s,, so really what there saying is there all zero hour contracts. So let’s just open mansion and fly them straight back

  7. Congrats, Peter; on having one of the worst takes ever in the history of takes! The sheer scope of the willful ignorance behind your quote is something to behold!

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