Platinum Jubilee: Ice cream, games and the stocks at Northdown Primary School

Northdown Primary pupils enjoy Jubilee fun

Ice cream, a whole school picnic and putting teachers in the stocks were some of the ways Northdown Primary children celebrated the Platinum Jubilee.

Pupils enjoyed a whole school picnic as well as candy floss and traditional fayre games such as hook a duck, a coconut shy and the stocks, which were donated by resident Mark McBooton.

The children also enjoyed making crowns, bunting, paper chains and flags to decorate the school and each received a commemorative book mark.

Youngsters rounded off their event with a whole school national anthem.

Head teacher Matthew Harris said: “The school community came together to celebrate the 70th Platinum Jubilee in an inspiring and heartfelt tribute to the Queen and the legacy she has built during her time as Monarch of Great Britain.

“It was fabulous to see and the excitement it generated lifted the community spirit ready for the Jubilee holiday.”