Pride as eight HM Coastguard Margate members receive Platinum Jubilee medals

Jubilee medals for HM Coastguard Margate members (Tim Gunn was unable to attend due to prior commitment)

Eight members from HM Coastguard Margate have received Platinum Jubilee medals.

The medals were presented by the Area Commander for Area 8 along with the Senior Coastal Operations Officer.

Awards were given to Mark Gambrill Station Officer, Peter Overton Deputy Station Officer, Keith Silcock, Simon Goodwin, Kim Sullivan, Stuart Barnes, Mike Emptage and Tim Gunn.

A HM Coastguard Margate spokesperson said: “We have had 8 members receive the medal with over 200 years service amongst us all. It is really humbling giving our time to rescue others in their hour of need. The satisfaction and sense of achievement is what we do it for.”

This year has marked the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the 200th anniversary of the Coastguard.

The new commemorative medal has been created to mark The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. As well as being awarded to RNLI volunteers and frontline staff, those who serve in the emergency services, prison services and Armed Forces who have completed five years consecutive service also received the award.

Twenty-three Ramsgate RNLI crew members also received Jubilee medals.

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