Update issued on council tax rebate payments by Thanet council


Thanet council has completed 37,850 payments of the £150 council tax rebate to direct debit customers and is now sending letters to those who use other payment methods.

The government is providing a £150 rebate to Council Tax payers in bands A-D (and E if in receipt of disabled persons reduction) to help with rising energy costs. This is a one-off payment and will not have to be repaid.

Thanet council has paid out £5,677,500 tso far o households who pay their council tax by direct debit and will continue to make payments to remaining direct debit payers this week.

From today (May 20) the council will start to issue letters to households who pay their council tax bill using cash payments. Due to the volume needed, the authority predicts that all letters will be sent by Monday 30 May.

Thanet council say: “Your letter will contain a link to an online form where you can apply for your rebate. It will also contain your council tax account number which you will need to make your application.

“If you don’t have your council tax account number please wait for your letter to arrive as we cannot provide account details by telephone, for security reasons.

“If you do not claim your £150 – do not worry. At the end of June we will put the payment against your Council Tax account. You can then choose to leave it there and pay less Council Tax each month, or you can claim it via our existing refund process at any point in the coming months.”

You can find further information on the Council Tax energy rebate scheme at: thanet.gov.uk/council-tax-energy-rebate


  1. If the government had let councils just apply a reduction to people’s accounts and just sort out the exceptions it would have been a lot simpler for everyone !

  2. I still haven’t received mine and I have always paid by direct debit on the 25th of each month?

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